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  • 00:00: [music] Hello dear gardeners and truck farmers my name is Russian Ivan I I greet you on the canal about the flower Today we will talk with you about this widely spread plants somehow gitis tagetes is a frequent visitor to the our gardens and gardens it is attributed various useful properties of driving away various insects or prevent disease
  • 00:30: how much it is true we check we We share our knowledge with you, however he has another very important This property is of great value for Unfortunately many people do not use this plant as a food or drugs, but even more so food but very vain now I'll tell you I'll tell you why it's important and what it's like the good thing is that one of the pigments carotenoids of their lutein is
  • 01:03: absolutely irreplaceable for health Since childhood we have become accustomed to that of us teach that carrots are very useful because that it contains beta-carotene and this though often they forget about other carotenoids of which in this carrots are not that many to such a picture of ladies is lutein futile unlike beta-carotene which found in carrot pumpkin other orange vegetables it contains its oxygen molecule and not performs vitamin functions however
  • 01:38: He plays a very important role in our vision it is believed that the age-related loss of severity view , including due to inadequate intake of lutein Lutein protects our eyes from excess blue light our sun radiates various parts of the spectrum, including blue color light and if its too much or our eyes are not protected from this then we are falling
  • 02:09: keenness vision and quality of perception of the environment world including In addition, lutein has a very important property is antioxidant antioxidant which also protects our eyes from free radicals from harmful there in the eye of oxygen from oxidation of various structures of the eye Oxidation can also lead to clouding of the lens and to various pathologies
  • 02:40: when we consume foods with lutein concentration in the eye in particular in The lutein retina is 10,000 times larger than its content in the blood is how important lutein for our view is not fierce is able to be synthesized in a person in body and we receive and its exclusively from plant and a little bit and animal food when I say animal food then these cases limited only to chicken yolk well
  • 03:11: and of course that yolk which is light pale which we often buy stores does not contain sufficient amount of currency and on a Now, if the hen grew natural conditions fed on grass pecked some natural products then in this case Of course, the lutein in the yolk will be a significant number in order to make up for the daily need for fierce is not a man she is about 5 milligrams per day an adult he needs
  • 03:43: to eat a recalculation on a dry weight approximately 50 grams of spinach, he is very rich in lutein or about 100 grams of dried parsley or 200 grams of green peas but again the same dry is such an adequate number of people per 400 grams of pumpkin is also 5 yolks are sufficient for covering human needs are not grievous
  • 04:13: well, or two and a half kilograms carrots must be eaten a day in order so that this need was satisfied Well, I must say that after rhenata among such foods Mina power supply from which we cook food in second place is cabbage kale this leaf cabbage unfortunately which still few grow here somehow in the Slavic zone I know but I have to turn all the same to her attention to acquire seeds to taste it
  • 04:43: grow because in summer it is very delicious completely replaces white cabbage for cabbage soup and even here large leaves can be use for cabbage so for no reason It is impossible to ignore this variety of cabbage Well, if you go back to something the children themselves of course, the leader in the content of lutein are these beautiful flowers for that to fill the need for daily a person inside does not need just one
  • 05:14: grams of dried petals as properly prepare us petals and how to treat them properly to do this kind of biological active additive from those plants that grow in our garden and the garden well into first then the githis has a lot different varieties have here are more light there is an orange there are such that's very very dark, of course. the darker and more intense the color of the githis
  • 05:45: the higher the content of the relevant pigments of lutein and its kind for xanthine, respectively to collect the flowers you need Can select such varieties that They are the most intense overhang the that at least that githis and visit bees but cross pollination is very weak they visit him mainly to to collect pollen and as a rule
  • 06:15: when the flower has bloomed the Fertility there occurred in general cross-pollination is not therefore it persists constancy or constancy of the variety and can actually enter and seed production then githisa to collect flowers It is necessary to tear off such inflorescences further or simply to pick off the petals or you can trim them neatly with a knife from a calyx
  • 06:49: from this green well and try that here this inner flower content is these Here the germs of seeds did not fall into our crop petals that you need to do with them further they can of course be dried and used as a spice for various dishes mostly meat for soups several pinch of dry flowers enrich our meals are our food necessary amount of lutein but if you want
  • 07:19: to cook real biologically active additive is collect here the full capacity their petals can be so tampered and fill to the top and then pour them with vegetable oil I advise use linseed oil why why It is precisely the combination of omega-3 fatty acids of which are very much in this oil and lutein gives the best favorable effect for our health
  • 07:49: But we must remember that if you use flaxseed oil, after opening the package and even more so when you fill petals insist it needs consume within about two weeks, therefore, the infusion should be reduced to at least one week and infusion should be carried out in dark cool place and best of all refrigerators to exclude oxidation of a little oil is easier option is to use
  • 08:21: rapeseed or olive oil they have a high biological value at the same time they are not so dramatically quickly burned out and spoiled as to me but also oil after insisting for about or petals, the oil is ready and use of one teaspoon of such oils with petals then githis morning for example, or in the evening when you convenient to do or use this oil for dressing salads
  • 08:52: is very, very effective means of replenishment of need human body in the fierce is not very It is important that women who are expecting a child also did not forget that their diet should be enriched with products with lutein A child when his eye is born is not yet used to light and when he starts look at the world when sunlight gets a little baby in the eye all possible damages begin here
  • 09:23: eye due to the fact that there is insufficient the amount of lutein due to the fact that it is still so to speak well, not with her did not adapt to life in this world and that's enrichment ration of mother and nursing mothers expectant mothers such are such biologically active additive is a guarantee of health future and born babies health that As for here is his vision of their eyes Of course, this additive is very useful on
  • 09:55: throughout life as I said before in the elderly is often a diet is depleted is limited somewhere save pension is not enough ration becomes and this loss of visual acuity earlier loss of visual acuity in a little many reasons for all kinds of things but one of them This includes a lack of lutein in diet, therefore, collect these flowers them you insist them on oil use them in all dishes
  • 10:27: which you cook as spices as an additive and I'm sure you do not there will be problems associated with lack of this very important picture of this pigment in our body which is so great regulates the acuity of our vision marigolds feel great both on bright light and in partial shade a great place to plant
  • 10:57: marigolds are trunks trees, see how good it is marigolds feel like a small a well- cropped apple tree whose crown allows enough light and although it can not be said that they fulfill some special protective function, but with all aesthetics also has a big importance and design of such prichalnyh circles marigolds is very rational in addition to such trees in which the crowns in
  • 11:29: priselnomu to a circle not turf and flowers are very well amenable liquid top dressing, I wish you all health of good harvests of beautiful flower beds of all good [music]