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  • 00:00: how to reduce thumb pain deviates to the outside and its impossible how to stop growth bones to these questions day after day the assistant professor of the department is responsible traumatology orthopedics Belarusian a bit of a medical university Candidate of Science Evgeny Richer sinister hanovich Hello everyone knows that this the problem is more common in humans which reaches line 40 45 years old less and youth is found as you comment on women after 20 years almost half to 50
  • 00:30: percent of cases occurs transverse flat feet which is the first reason deviation of the first finger and the emergence of this notorious here bones on the foot but only very many young girls just don't know about the existence of their transverse flatfoot every year all the progress goes further the disease slowly slowly progresses and when already a finger
  • 01:01: rejected and already arises explicitly and cosmetic physically yes then already the girl pay much for it close attention and runs faster towards the orthopedic surgeon is increasing or number youth who handle this problem clam as professionals, perhaps yes connected it may even be more so called literacy probably population that is drawn to more early stages because there are
  • 01:31: certain clinical signs who should guard even before the appearance of this valgus deviation 1 fingers up bones appearance if we say in a young girl with absolutely narrow even foot and absolutely even first toes zara forms beautifully a couple more power yet before but amazon is formed on the plantar surfaces we call his natoptysh under the head 2 3 4
  • 02:01: metatarsal bone then this is one hundred percent clinical sign of transverse after and middling where a pass 1 hd by itself yes here we have a layout normal normal healthy feet but under the action of the above reasons the situation is changing dramatically let's consider what happens to cosmetic side and analyze what this leads initially deviates inside 1 + new bone and then after that start deflection outer 1 finger is obtained
  • 02:33: that he rests on the second finger and this leads to what the second finger can too deviate outside like this but much more often there was and so he cross the first finger positioning one on top of something like this sometimes it happens that the first finger is so strongly deviates to the outside that he
  • 03:03: conflicted with the third finger and the third finger sometimes superimposed on 4 borisu fourth finger he behaves differently may leave or one way or the other Well, let's leave it approximately flat, but with the fifth finger is an interesting situation that is, if the first is leaning towards the outside it turns out the fifth finger more often deviates inside while more often
  • 03:34: climbs like this him i.e. transverse flatfoot as a result can lead to deformation not only not just one first finger and almost all toes situation not only is not just not out beautiful but it hurts a person and suffering of a certain kind than help this surgery when already in a patient Here is such a deformation that we are here
  • 04:05: depicted on the layout only surgically , you can finger deformities fix like this do not allow if any devices in order to how minimum slow down the process as a maximum just come to your calm old age no problem with the foot at the base here finger deformation lies transverse flat feet therefore the basis of conservative treatment is regular use orthopedic insoles well here you need here with different kinds yes here is this insole has a layout
  • 04:37: precisely the transverse arch of the foot i.e. this insole can be applied when the patient has transverse flatfoot but in one third of patients except transverse is simultaneously present and flatfoot longitudinal therefore in such cases for correction we use an insole that not only has a pilot under the transverse arch of sleep to be but it also has an instep under the longitudinal the vault, that is, the calculation of the longitudinal
  • 05:08: set of conservative treatment here's just possible to push operation and ease with giving able this patient’s feet are farther from us Silicone strainer is presented here. silicone insole well as a variety with isolated transverse flat feet and such tabs and such tabs under the forefoot here and this tab it has a layout cross vault and here is such a tab to relieve pain
  • 05:38: which occurs under the corns of that here there is such a green emollient surface small recess which slightly reduces pain under the heads of the middle metatarsal bones where such a patient is present called on the top but if we insoles often see their sales and u and people them often use the further two adaptations that for him it is between finger silicone inserts
  • 06:08: which is applied when walking in shoes when a person enters it means it is located in 1 mesh finger gap between the first and second fingers and thereby he aligns the first finger in quotes giving it the right position allows you to leave is not physiological position and still very interesting goggle gadget like bridle is Removable starting as much food which
  • 06:39: used to give the first finger correct sleeping position put on by the first syringes Vova gap here here is such strap that covers the foot and than stronger this strap tightens with the more 1 finger is obtained displayed in the correct position that is you can get it out pretty well even create a little hyper position corrections we reviewed the device which help alleviate the condition
  • 07:10: people prevent rapid development diseases but it seems to me insufficiently identified the reason for this diseases what's the problem in the muscles either this problem in ligaments problem transverse flatfoot is first of all insufficient ligamentous apparatus forefoot ie strength ligaments reduced these ligaments are not able hold all metatarsal bones next to each other harm beautiful when we come then it turns out so these
  • 07:41: metatarsal bones disperse to different the parties then there is something expanding the reason why it is heredity important hereditary factor plays value that is, somewhere in 70 80 percent patients who come to us already on surgical treatment is similar deformities have parents or grandparents but it is clear that inheritance is transmitted not the deformation itself, but inherited transmitted exactly congenital
  • 08:11: inferiority ligament stretching apparatus of the foot that is, in bundles not some specific chemical substances they are not produced by the body which provide them enough about it train ligament apparatus principle impossible perhaps thank you so much for participation in our project thanks for information is your invaluable experience