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  • 00:00: Good day to all of us today let's talk about how do we take soda Today I will tell you about how her take it can not be taken just like that poured bred man in general it is very complex organism and that everything was harmony of course a person should be healthy and soda is just unique product and just generally such products no longer knows means see what with our vessels like this the vessel is clogged if we if sectional look at it like this
  • 00:32: it turns out the vessel narrows and then pressure because blood can't go through such vessels if you drink soda vessels you will always normal kidney hurts you liver soda dissolves kidney stones liver so that no trouble happens then stone somehow so here's ducts not stuck it very very useful product but be sure to drink it properly nothing can be done just parasites i I do not speak against eating everybody
  • 01:04: the body and if you don't look after them i I won't scare you now pictures here but it helps us a lot in the fight and of course to those who want lose weight This is generally a unique product because Firstly she pours out fat and removes everything out of the body first and second he just helps us cope with appetite just a little appetite not very little probably very bounces off when you take soda and
  • 01:37: your figure will slowly become correct beautiful slim you will be happy because clean your blood will also be soda any radiation radioactive metals heavy metals in general product unique enumerate all impossible more as part of this video i just want show you how to take soda soda we pour boiling water or boiling water or even better when only on through bubbles but already from 60 degrees
  • 02:08: you can do it so let's let's see how it is right for us cook what are our requirements for soda and that first soda here we have it down here manufacturing on the production period accordingly, we need soda to be no more than six months farther what we do we take soda on peephole
  • 02:40: if you take a little more nothing I will not be afraid spoons but this third part is about as horrible I just ended the trial ordinary i take They are there in the pharmacy, it is more than some there purely i don't know what i am doing i I take out a spoon so I look now pour boiling water here and she should be sure to seethe as she soda is extinguished there must be buoys
  • 03:12: But I will add more now that is, I will put more soda so that you I could see these same glitches here I am put it almost a spoon to be it is clear that it boils see here they are bubbles pour or whole pour to a little cool or just on just take and add here cold water and we have it then be that temperature she should be
  • 03:46: warm hot what can you drink it no matter the main thing is not cold cold water can not be closed the valve is not generally good will not drink she needs hot we are not going to talk about all here it is in my mug I drink kisses a mug I can drink and a whole spoon actually drink enough third of a teaspoon of course in the morning in this way you have this soda
  • 04:18: take so good luck everyone take heals up Soda is a unique product of another such a product I did actually I do not know here is a magic tool for everyone good luck everyone bye