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  • 00:00: I greet you on the needlework channel Beads today show how to make a souvenir on the egg of the henchmen and threw them materials and which pieces I use I use plastic eggs which were toys this egg just made of blue plastic color so me Letters end so I will today show lilac children master class colors why threw stuff because many throw out such testicles and I will use coil instead of stand
  • 00:31: From under the tape, the diameter of this goddess is three half a centimeter high 1 centimeter wooden egg painted with acrylic see backlight paint and workpiece size seven and a half centimeters for I will use the design letter but 60 centimeters and a width of one a centimeter such a letter I bought my city ​​store where they sell products for crafts
  • 01:03: At first I will glue the egg using glue a moment taped to the braid did not move eggs as she wide I will be her periodically glue each other first bottom of the egg and on top a little smear glue and glue, too check that it was exactly right now
  • 01:36: the us is completely sided this way and Now I will continue to stick tape until it 's all glue on this tape now on
  • 02:42: parties will put an egg on this letter I pass a little to immediately close preparation while I have a blank
  • 03:20: the juice until it turned out interesting I her I will put now we will wind such braid on all the blank one more which will serve as a stand also covered using glue the moment i will stick it pasted satin ribbon blank now
  • 04:25: apex so the top of a residual of a tape is pasted and cut there is nothing later I will be seen you can glue the blank now see how it will look this way and cut them off not kisumu thus checking to
  • 05:06: seen now the workpiece I will glue the braid I will do higher then I'll be already like that decorate You’ll get such a blank from me
  • 06:04: I will now put the coasters on the leaves and lilies of the valley I smear somewhere here glue us the edge itself and attach leaf 1 2 and tracks
  • 06:34: something like glue now glue lily mazu spread here so it remains to stick the egg itself to the workpiece
  • 07:04: with hot glue more leaves stick to the testicle itself now between the leaves still stick
  • 07:44: leaves glued leaves lilies of the valley can be fixed like this way for leaf which I did not fully stick to the testicle and last we glue on the decorative god cow and will not be from this side such I got a souvenir on the egg .
  • 08:19: Now I will show the pig to lichke I did I have such a testicle wooden blanks also with lily of the valley thanks for watching before
  • 08:50: new meetings