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  • 00:15: One of our favorite So here we go for four apple is 100 150 grams 250 grams of butter 250 grams of sugar grams of semolina
  • 00:31: cinnamon to taste vanilla extract half a spoon baking powder I start well and then on other apples on coarse grater let's
  • 01:02: ideal time to which I started this apples by the way I did it faster felling mingled dry Now I will add foam a few drops vanilla extract I if you have liquid extract vanilla can be add the liquid portion if you dry vanilla, add it
  • 01:31: do but is now thoroughly Mix everything and we begin to gather our cake until it Barbarian
  • 02:01: I need to stir smeared with oil form it should be done you carefully to then all of our oil a lot of good captain I love oil oil lubricate love you finish and We begin to collect so long as I have smeared
  • 02:30: you have time subscribe to our channel to obtain update but our new video Be sure to Huskies right let Friends oil I finished fertilize a little here all We start our dry the mixture was visually divide into four parts because it will several layers on in the first part rovnenko layer pour and so
  • 03:01: pour fourth part of our mix dry form neat flat a layer level than by the fact I'd rather try it done carefully and add a second top I just kept You may be able to help hands it to be not evenly times
  • 03:31: much is not necessary so also here and Area I add another part as a mixture of snow on head and so we all fell asleep shape our Get 5 layers at
  • 04:01: You can be their more less in Depending on apples love posochnee add more pour and cake We are now ready left cover it all oils 100 150 grams of butter, we Thawed usually we frozen we grated in the top 3 decompose Well he comforted Now we lay out flat layer and extend
  • 04:31: farther how to create largely on this whole recipe with cooking you can spend an hour time and a great Breakfast or chic pie dessert for dinner you will, at the smell wake up all or come running to dinner
  • 05:01: and the neighbors too, so I end up with oil Well all our cake is ready I sleep with an excellent heat its crust divide edakogo drink up Kettle we taste boiled but in the meantime you try cook with write to us comments what get you to meeting until