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  • 00:01: we recently prepared another great lettuce salad rustically generally awesome super with mushrooms a reference check below and one of our Subscriber dear to us subscribers will I suggested as possible This salad has transform and actually turns salad skewers great appetizer today I want to try something I like to cook I invite you so Hello this
  • 00:30: project another kitchen driven start with broth for him we I need a piece of a pound of meat pork here a few cloves mixture of salt and pepper laurel leaf boiling water send mix peppers Carnation is a salt Laura and Shichko neat piece of meat boil and cook giving cook over low
  • 01:00: heat for about an hour to meat we still do not falling apart here remains good Let us piece marinade for him we need 3 bulbs sugar one two tablespoons take to your taste half teaspoon salt tablespoons coriander ground without all here barbecue in a pure form I I can not imagine vinegar wine 70 ml and 40 5 milliliters of water tablespoons vegetable oil
  • 01:30: here is a wonderful pepper sharp jalapeno and little yellow mixture was for from our barbecue friends and partners Company giga way friends want to remind all our and new subscribers viewers say indigo is great gift in our New Year Competition for the best hot dishes link to the contest will be at the bottom in Explanation Required go and learn and participate start with water and vinegar
  • 02:01: Now pour all to send salt coriander now oil fine sugar I bahnul slightly so vinegar sugar half necessarily Stir and here Now at this stage, mix well let's spices in our way Isaac is also Coriander has a young and
  • 02:30: but they do not you great park for so appetizing Speaking of good and stirred This step is necessary necessarily try the marinade should be sour sweet salty here is direct if you need to add even sugar is not necessary We leave so friends our grown jalapenos right on the windowsill at your favorite cake cut it thin rings and I send into the marinade
  • 03:01: Chop onion rings as our death choose to ring, and send into the marinade Well I say is a direct so cool even at the collapse of what is It will taste and now we will cut our myasko myasko Here such here cubes myasko out very juicy here such cut into cubes holiday beautiful also all
  • 03:32: send it to the onions Friends do not look that many of his bow sitting first all because he also very much tasty mix and send infuse our salad kebab hours two but it is at least better all of course at night but this one has the patience Well enough that friends honest passed
  • 04:00: exactly one hour more at I have no terpezhu a great salad I and it tasted well, I tell flavor stands on all hide the kitchen when You will prepare a salad but I can tell you for sure go to the smell funky others no words onion Crisp's it crisp but juicy and marinate myasko supernatural your husbands will wear on your hands but I'd exactly for such salad would be conveyed to
  • 04:31: probably because the kitchen get ready to health turns a great salad kebab real barbecue all happy I was glad to see This project is another kitchen and Alexander I all you hard I embrace and treat till [music]