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Expectations were met! A combination of banana and chocolate in a roll, madly tasty!  See details »

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  • 00:00: friends and buns have already tried them very very very delicious banum turned into some kind of crazy cream and chocolate u adds to some light bitterness all greetings this project other kitchen with you jango relay today we will prepare an amazing chocolate roll with banana to us 300 milliliters of milk are needed 500 gram of flour a pinch of salt and yeast 1.5 a teaspoon of 50 grams of sugar 1 teaspoonful
  • 00:30: spoon of vanilla sugar vegetable 60 milliliters oil 1 egg and 1 tablespoon of cocoa I will also add a half teaspoon baking powder to make our dough continued to rise already dasha trembling will stop the oven from working in order to remove this yeast smell to start we activate our yeast I add sugar a couple of spoons of yeast and more such a spoon with a hill of flour as
  • 01:02: better than a little bit some other some kind of dishes but it's late so I'll be I 'll stir this up and leave it literally for a couple of minutes to start one a tablespoon of flour is removed to the side now here the flour and send sugar salt che tinted vanilla sugar baking powder
  • 01:34: we make a small groove and send here author who stood literally on Tooth do not here the same egg today I decided a little pohuliganit oil and now We mix dough it should be with us slightly sticky dough is still enough
  • 02:04: sticky I its laid out on the table and sailed with flour in 2 parts, here is one well kneaded Pull some more flexible here knead with the remaining flour and send to a cup cover it with film, let it settle The second part of the test we will carry out with cocoa it Also now it will be like flour will not let the dough stick here is the chocolate dough
  • 02:34: yeast chocolate dough it too me I will put then in a cup and leave the growth I and the dough was already up I will not wait until we have much rise will be enough yet for the filling we need I took here such chocolate drops can be taken plain chocolate chocolate tiles can even be taken white chocolate if you like and bananas which
  • 03:05: wonderful test notice packed directly packed but these as the dough has risen we will divide into A ball weighing somewhere around 50 grams is not somewhere exactly 50 grams if you have a scales it will be wonderfully straight across the scales drive the barrels will be enough great but from this they will still taste balls on stood under my food The film is 10 minutes softer and now
  • 03:36: take 21 chocolate one of white dough and wrap it further and roll it out each rectangle connects two rectangle overlap white and chocolate and straight hands so level up a little tighten cachirin pour a spoonful of drops on the middle
  • 04:07: chocolate or semis just a plate chocolate or grate the chocolate grater that is all as you want as you like and here quarter of a banana that is a banana cut in half and still along thicker we will wrap up nothing to squeeze and a little dough still here so flattening so that it is uniformly cut with
  • 04:38: Both sides are such strips and now we weave a beautiful covering banana this I'm such a wicker doing beautiful
  • 05:10: this underneath these as beautifully obtained so here's the figure so it's on top in Childhood, we just wove rugs from paper though apollo and by the way it too on top of these, these are the tips Here, pinch that they do not
  • 05:40: Well, the beauty of beauty is simple beauty Well, here it can already be simpler to look a little tuck great buns stood for ten minutes I now carefully grease the beaten egg and I will bake at a temperature of 180 degrees 25
  • 06:13: minutes, see what yummies we have have turned out I now lay them on the grate and cool it friends have already tried they are very very very tasty VANOM turned into some kind of crazy cream and adds a chocolate bar to some kind of light bitterness and at the same time all together sweetly deliciously fragrant unreal look that it turned out to be such a beauty
  • 06:45: the aroma of a banana is felt even through Dough and chocolate at the same time is great buns soft air incredibly tasty prepare and recommend love with the children is unrealistic fun and with you was I valeria project other kitchen subscribe to our channel necessarily till