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  • 00:00: All regards this project is another kitchen and with I'll cook you today zucchini stuffed with melted cheese but we will test a wonderful a frying pan from it metal utensils link to the official online store will be down in description
  • 00:32: we need 2 3 zucchini one carrot small bunch of dill or 100 grams of processed cheese mayonnaise and a couple of cloves of garlic first by business we cut zucchini into thin plates but not really too thin I cut some such zucchini they have a very young skin so I to remove did not begin now we shall be engaged in a frying my friends at me a new frying pan I not
  • 01:02: I can not brag about you because if He now will not tell about her I will burst I will be scattered all over the kitchen, she is from professional series this is my first life frying pan Here is a professional from the classroom Such a pen handle is not this we will be tempted to try everything now non-stick coating is a neva-metal dishes this is the same company that conducts now we have a rally and a cat that you can win god and twins
  • 01:32: be sure to participate in the drawing look because the dishes are cool russia I remove dishes very high quality and very interesting original beautiful incredible it's nice to hold in your hands we will try how it will roll we're on it all now but fry I'm really thrilled you hear me of course I really want go and here is something to do only somehow to throw but I still can not of course this
  • 02:02: do but will learn I have already prepared frying pan by all rules which is written on the label by the way on All information is absolutely now I will fry zucchini represent guarantee for this frying pan three years but this for me is already an indicator of quality that is, when a person when manufacturer takes over responsibility says guys three years old use if something happens we all fix this super well fry frying
  • 02:32: by the way zucchini on small fire I I use quite a bit of oil because that the coating is non-stick many say that on such a cover it is possible fry in general without oil I do it I will not because there are a lot of vegetables fat-soluble vitamins they give us a taste while zucchini fried in three on a small grater carrot I'm not a big fan of washing dishes so immediately rub the garlic not mara
  • 03:03: another device is now added here melted cheese and kneaded if you do not have no prejudice against processed cheese can use them Grate left to add diced dill and a spoon of mayonnaise Once again, everything is mixed and the filling is ready I tried the stuffing it just asked me to
  • 03:36: more salt a little bit and a pinch of black pepper now I think everything is fine fry zucchini on both sides before golden-colored fried wonderfully nothing Of course it does not stick to me ecstatic now take a plate of marrow it soft elastic add a spoonful of filling and neatly roll off the roll with the same roll
  • 04:09: do the rest with courgettes Here are such handsome men we have turned out and I still cook zucchini there was still stuffing stuff I will stuff further but these already want to try and I already tried very tasty to me I liked it was not enough bit tomato thin plastic and next time I'll add it what do you recommend, and so treat yourself prepare to know simple delicious dishes
  • 04:40: the frying pan passed our tests testing is excellent too and very I recommend to cook one pleasure you feel professional and with you was I valery this project is another kitchen by the way the link to for nava-metal dishes will be at the bottom in description, please go and see how much there is still there interesting so far