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  • 00:00: [music] Hello everyone this is another kitchen project with by you I'm valeri Today we will cook delicious chicken breast in the oven moreover with a crispy breading and for
  • 00:30: recipe we need three things chicken fillet 100 milliliters of milk 2 tablespoons sour cream and a half teaspoon of salt and spices for breading let's take 100 grams 50 grams of cheese 60 grams of butter and 2 eggs Spices can take any mix to me so and is called for the chicken to start let's mix this light marinade sour cream spices salt we will eat milk and all well mixed effort is there so
  • 01:14: called small fillets here it can be cut and or completely removed or simply separated and soak it together I'll do it together cut off here we send our chicken to marinade and leave for thirty minutes if you have more time, you can leave minutes at 40 it becomes will become much more gentle chicken breast and aromatic let
  • 01:45: marinated the chicken already stood now we will do breading rusks three on the grandson Hard cheese on the pomelch this one is bigger like this add a pinch of salt and salt neat because it happens very salted cheese orient on your taste all is well mix so that evenly
  • 02:17: distribute and crackers and cheese and now here in this mixture carefully add oil bought rusks should not soften Simply everyone should here and so to contact and get such a fragrant tonirovochka also rub it all with your hands the mass should be free-flowing as you see It took me not all the oil to be guided by
  • 02:47: your breaded it is quite possible for your breadcrumbs It will take more March to clean up we turn on the oven for 220 degrees drive 2 eggs now will be all quickly take our breast We will try so that the liquid of the glass by maximum collapse it rather we first dipped well in the egg good straight
  • 03:20: and then send our breading you can even squeeze the training to her to be evenly distributed and sealed the breast so that all the juices remained inside so that the breast was tender and tasty here too, we look anything nowhere to miss this beauty must go away we repeat on the sheet with all
  • 03:53: The rest of the breasts will be baked at temperature 220 degrees 15 minutes consider if this small fillet which we cut off at the very beginning bake it too, you can pull it out already minutes through seven-eight here such Beauty turned out my friend as you are afraid of this a small amount of time 15 minutes it seems to me not enough, therefore, after 15 I'll take out and measure the temperature
  • 04:24: the thickest part of the breast be 65-70 degrees then chicken will be ready 15 minutes have passed I already pulled out small and fillet and now it measures the temperature is important so that they touch a thermometer 1 and here you go exactly in the middle my friends well see 65 degrees already already quite ready 67 68 69 I think 72 degrees completely
  • 04:55: grabs leave it on the table now I will cover with foil let them rest the hen lay down and rested only to cut look where I poked and and the thermometer follows the juice It is transparent you can see for yourself the chicken is ready we leave her to rest the juice inside the chicken was distributed like sorry for the breadcrumbs did not cut off and yes the only thing is when we give a break
  • 05:28: then we risk crispy breading if you do not give she has a long rest, she will be the same crispy you look what meat meat Of course, I very much honestly admit already tried she's gorgeously incredibly gentle the chicken cooks easily easily if you want to add more flavors add me a full breading everything was enough even for all my love for spice is an excellent chicken I recommend
  • 05:59: cook will not regret the children will be in delight and adults, too, because it's already a little bit different level overcooked is not dry and unbelievable tender chicken and I say goodbye to you this there was another kitchen project Many new recipes will be seen in front of you till