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  • 00:00: [music] Hello everyone this is a friend's kitchen project themselves I'm valerie today we will make chicken in jelly should be almost chicken ham today we need chicken meat and a half kilogram garlic dry 1 teaspoon black pepper polchaynoy spoons 1 teaspoon paprika coriander ground one teaspoon 25 grams of gelatin and 2 teaspoons of salt for this recipe I took my hips and without bones and a few chicken breasts literally three things now meat
  • 00:32: cut into cubes such per centimeter Without bones took the hip because it is meat somehow on posochnee the breast will still be here rather dry well I think so in the process and a little bit diverged and slightly cut bigger it seems to me so even better now add salt paprika black pepper dry garlic you can safely add fresh garlic
  • 01:02: here it is quite suitable for me instead of coriander took a mixture of coriander and fenugreek this narrow tunnel you can take only coriander now the beginning of everything I stir so stash and now carefully add gelatin I have such a blond mix add another portion and good stir it to make it evenly distributed now take the form I have this
  • 01:32: glass form for bread 11 to 27 you can take for these stores Supermarkets sell similar forms current from aluminum is not aluminum they are one-time a little less you can take it [music] gently spread the chicken shape slightly tamped in the cooking process we cover from above with a foil
  • 02:06: tight enough We have a chicken out there and now take the appropriate form put our chicken topped up with water to the maximum she is Krishna, you do not have floor tanks and send all in the oven all this construction bake at a temperature of 170 degrees 50
  • 02:36: 60 minutes it may take me a minute 10 longer because I will put in cold oven me ceramic form No changes in temperature are needed baking in addition to the fact that the hen I baked now so she had an hour stood by me in the switched off oven that is it slowly cooled down it has not even cooled down yet, although on top already such here is how people a certain film it turns out pay attention already thick enough such here sausage
  • 03:09: ham and a bit of ours I now have them all the same evenly distribute it so that the jelly we froze and then the whole structure had such a beautiful shape now I will be still with water with the remaining she will cool me chicken on the table and her I'll cover the film in the refrigerator as at least 6 hours better of course this is for the night so it's already up to
  • 03:39: tomorrow Well, here is the most crucial moment now I need to separate ours, I would even say ham from the walls can be put in warm water that I'm probably now I I will make that all the same the invoice was beautiful fat is this extra that emerged it can be safely and easily very much even remove the very same rinke that they will be inside only juiciness, I'll leave them with joy literally stood there for a couple of minutes and
  • 04:11: now you can turn it even if there is still no connection from above directly a hot towel I will put here and so here and we fell look what beauty turned out is now cut enough tightly straight so tightly cut coloring cool, you can imagine it like this a table on a festive can be here this
  • 04:43: to spread and can be used as was bass As home anything superfluous and all on You can use any spices you want You can add Bulgarian pepper add mushrooms you can do everything you need I want this so it's essentially ham and without any chemistry a black slice but due to the fact that we still took look different measko what beauty
  • 05:13: it turned out to try the most delicate aroma lowest delicious ham friends Yes, we used more jelly but well, that's how it covers well that it will be easy to submit I'm thinking of adding some leaves petrushechka that no it's only here solely for beauty but taste gelatin also attached, it binds all this is the juice that the chicken and incredibly it's delicious for a party at some holiday on the road somewhere on
  • 05:45: picnic perfectly well himself keeps could sense a structure such that the sausage densely does not break up you saw when I cut anything like this is not happening excellent school children sandwich bred somewhere on the road, here we have this big problem we should have a child after training as soon as all athletes so this is for me just a find just perfect and besides I did something like that many, many years ago but then I cooked in film now I do not
  • 06:18: really want to cook the film after all it reacts to me very much necessary and not very useful substances but in a glass form finish though round though it is square in any kind it will be great I recommend preparing easily and simply friends are very tasty here is the store 's growth sausage nearby did not stand cooking everything was with you, I'm valeria this project is another kitchen not switch ahead a lot of interesting things and tasty