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  • 00:00: Hello everyone, this is a different kitchen project and I myself am Valeria my friends today fantastic snack cake recipe what a beautiful original delicious just stunning adjectives me yet a lot of how we cooked it now I'll tell you first will need ready cake layers for cake napoleon they are sold in almost all my stores for the new year girls have advised and really thing cool this will be the basis of our snack cake but for the first fillings we take 150 grams
  • 00:31: cheese curds a couple of spoons of mayonnaise and 2 teaspoons of horseradish as well as pepper and half a pot of arugula I also took this glass bowl made and and food wrap and cut out 3 to the workpiece 1 but bottom size 2 up and rub middle of my cup high 9 centimeters diameter 19 volume 1 and 3 liters take the first blank the smallest and we cut out with the edge all the frames you have
  • 01:03: remain boldly let the children along with condensed milk will be delicious condensed milk from another recipe basis on both sides can be missed with mayonnaise outside miss the mark necessarily so that we have it soaked as well as internal internal not necessarily smear here because I will be filling it all the same slightly smear so that everything was so gentle we put
  • 01:34: on the bottom of the form sweet pepper cut small dice he will add freshness to our cake curd cheese mixed with horseradish and mayonnaise is better to take not straight clean horseradish but still horseradish sauce is more tender creamy better brides are more delicate and
  • 02:04: such add light piquancy they and antiquity how not to love all that Orvi eyes mix well the resulting sauce send pepper and floor pot cut into dolls and everything shuffle and this is our first filling ready Horseradish add to taste I
  • 02:35: I tried the perfect one and someone may want us more maybe someone less so influential start adding with one teaspoon lay out the stuffing and we distribute it from above we cover the second shortbread even if you break it a little okay for the second stuffing we take a chicken about 300 grams I took baked but you can take this decoction
  • 03:06: it is not fundamentally a small piece fresh cucumber 34 gherkin check pickled bunch green onions and mayonnaise cucumbers cut into strips and fresh and pickled finely chop green onions and ship to the cucumber meat free from bones from the skin and cut into small such pieces of straw
  • 03:36: but short you can even just make out on fiber we also send the place to the greenery and to cucumbers add a small amount of mayonnaise and mix the filling will be juicy and very fragrant but I have a baked leg if u you boiled here I thought to add garlic too my leg is baked just common garlic port play with stuffing choose some of his
  • 04:07: and lay out our delicious stuffing the second layer is tight tight so tamping so that when we are all got no cnc to not fall apart and flatten the top cover cakes and grease it with mayonnaise remove our cake in the refrigerator soak depending from what you have written on the package with
  • 04:38: I have written the cake layers 10 hours I think that at night it will be wonderful just I'll cover everything with a film and burn it in the fridge I thought, I thought, after all, I decided to load small put like this I'll put my cake in the fridge stood overnight in the fridge it's about time open it but I can see from here what Of course the cake is soaked good and now neatly on a little plate do it all turn over
  • 05:09: and now he was smarter than he fell like this handsome drew now we are making plaster on the top for this, i took curd cheese and mayonnaise mix look proportions on I have an eye somewhere around 150 grams here is curd cheese this may and should be enough mayonnaise
  • 05:39: a couple of spoons just to make cheese so tight enough to make it a little bit softer and now neatly we put our cottage cheese mayonnaise mixture to the surface of the cake you know even ng would be enough i really sold grams by the way we did a lot for the new year snack cakes also recommend
  • 06:10: look and rolls are so delicious and curd cheese made there home well, Leo curd cheese let's say it was not bad from dyed sour cream to me even I liked it so if you shop not curd cheese or it is expensive you can do well with this option I will leave the link in the description all evenly put a practical tour then we have 2 options you can
  • 06:42: decorate this business with vegetables or like me I decided to meat the cheese on a tomato beauty is a matter of taste and purse each choose i just wanted you Seen as sausage and cheese decorate for starters take here I sausage I took here such a knife for vegetables Well it is very thinly cut his way so personally and so thin Norris circles and cut sausage
  • 07:15: now neatly lay out the pieces 6 can all pieces and roll up so here is their tight-tight such a rose now so that they don't immediately scattered but at least a little compacted use toothpicks I'll cross over because
  • 07:46: Shanker just me on both sides and what a beauty and so fluff if you have a little sausage can be cut in half and immediately get two Roses I know probably quite u I have 2 roses and get it now have done such blanks now let's do my ham flowers here everything is simple at first twist one then add 2 such here are all the petals we connect with a toothpick
  • 08:21: if they will be much higher than those flowers that are from the sausage then the bottom cut will be lower so they are all on equal height were exactly the same doing Sliced ​​cheese rosettes this gathering as a sausage here is very all the same neatly tightly roll up will be the same rosette
  • 08:53: here she is until we connect a toothpick and left u us Tomatoes will return them three and I from them I will also make roses here and so neatly cut in a spiral skin is desirable to do not like me evenly but i do for the first time and you need to be right here better I would take the other is now assembled neatly
  • 09:23: turn over is our rosette here roses and begin to place and place it in the center and around start dancing the next will be a cheese rosette clean already clean toothpicks determine the height and so here next we will have sausage muzochka stuff neatly
  • 09:56: toothpicks are also picked on the cheese set and they keep going do not have time to trim the roses Sasha helps to destroy material friends a bouquet of simply gorgeous stunning well left to finish the twigs on the day here so here and shorter and the length and so the hour to unwrap himself a little here are you
  • 10:28: the pilots you need to make it even wider in short, I want a straight ribbon bandage but it probably will already bust everything should be on the table edible and not I want something inedible 2 years though straight and asks the court tape do not know friends can be and is edible some tapes if you know write in comments well that's all our beautiful
  • 11:00: snack cake ready cut it here is the most tragic part I honestly don't like her very much buy i like decorating create destroy already like less but by the way, I like it too so we will cut Rica unwavering hand still will cut try to get the cake between Flowers friends Well, here he is castor from this side is beautiful and from this
  • 11:33: The sides are very beautiful to me try what we did if by the way you noticed i still don't broke and bow tied right I wanted and it turned out so tasty friends, but what the fuck would I add there is almost no more felt as well as gathering friends very much recommend unity but i still don’t
  • 12:03: I will recommend the finished cakes much but probably safer bake puff pastry itself does not seem You can see the material saved but This margarine is not very good quality but of course work perfectly with him is cool but his still cooked with your own hands much better especially since puff dough can be cooked strongly in advance and freeze very cool glad I cooked such a snack cake is incredible
  • 12:35: spectacular recommend friends necessarily try this combination from products an interesting flavor gives arugula your green onions everything is fine combined cook all my friends with holidays coming you here such I think you can even a wonderful bouquet and guests carry you can eat the hotel yourself too I was Valeria you are a project other kitchen is not switch tomorrow will be even tastier put huskies by the way and we repost them really need