Быстрые кабачки под яичницей - голодным не смотреть!  See details »

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  • 00:00: [music] Hello to all my dear subscribers with you irina my mother shared with her neighbors folk recipes dish with courgettes I have repeatedly tested the delicious share with you this fried dish in what its minus but quickly and very tasty is a plus and There are no exact proportions for your preference zucchini cut plates 5-6 millimeters thick [music] so they either add salt to the flour that
  • 00:33: we crumble them and fry on both sides in a small amount of vegetable oil on a small fire to such an average softness can fry 1 layer of courgettes and can be fried at the same time another portion in another pan then put everything in one on top break the eggs with salt and fry like you love her eyes or chatterbox for acceleration can be covered lid after the lid yolks are covered with white misty film but then yellow color
  • 01:04: it still comes back frying up until eggs are ready for a few more minutes can add your favorite spices and greenery slices of ham or already ready-made meat will be more satisfying combined with courgettes try to be sure that friends do not forget to share comments to put on likes or dislikes channel 3 times a week on a new video is not forget to sign with the bell who not yet signed and I wish everyone an excellent days before the new meetings with you was irina