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How to Make the Beach Dress in 5 minutes without threads and needles  See details »

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  • 00:00: hello today i want to show how you can literally in a few minutes make a beach outfit out of a knit fabric to do because there will not be not a single spine I will need knit fabric and scissors and nothing more so I have piece of knitted fabric length 108 centimeters and a width of 160 centimeters I I fold the fabric in half here, here is the fold Here he is face to face to the fabric a little bit
  • 00:32: humidify to make it easier for me to work neatly folded do not work further from this edge down the fold I postponing 9 centimeters it is possible 810 I postpone 9 Here it is a mark of 9 centimeters from this
  • 01:06: points down we put 18 centimeters then 18 for 2 it will be the same 9 yes means here middle marking them 999 and so from this point edge yes, I put it off also 18 cm such a line I would draw a view
  • 01:40: what was understandable now connect I connect this point with this point such a smooth line joined the recession the pattern is ready now i take scissors and do not need to get out
  • 02:11: this part is now I will now be cut so and so I cut out a pattern made now we will try on I'll put on this outfit and show you but before you put on I'll take off the microphone so everyone else actions will be silenced you do not experienced of course I will not strip stripes beachfront outfit need to be in
  • 02:41: bathing suit so I do not want to scare anyone, I I will in this dress by the way is also a style bohho is paid by an old one you've already seen it This is his back I was acting on kind of a little bit corrected so that now I will put on and you look will give a lucky bat and here's a Here's the thing here is such a thing came out then that we cut out to catch up with what I cut and now I will try on you show
  • 03:12: here he is my deception sandy You can still take these tips and link my class too, too, to suck
  • 03:48: no than bad lari outfit attire very much good husband and not hot what can you do from any cloth which houses are closer to everything to you I wish the best to thank you that watched my video i think you today good mood
  • 04:18: ahead of the summer I hope that my little advice is useful to everyone good bye