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Flower motives a hook without thread separation.  See details »

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  • 00:00: hello dear needlewomen today I want to offer you knit here is such an interesting floral the motive the item I want to knit is related of the individual motive well since i'm very I really don't like cut the yarn that is, knit every single motive Then, but he binds a little something will not have to dissolve and then it turns out separate pieces I didn't think and decided that I didn't I will pick off the thread and tie the following
  • 00:33: I knitted one flower afterwards further secured the second thread and knit so i'm doing it around with my finger here is a sliding ring and in it I start to type this one I see three air birds in the middle lifting [music] further 1 2
  • 01:03: again from the eyelet on such columns must be tied 7 times 2 air loops still a column as I finished knitting 7 columns now it is not necessary to connect in a ringlet [music] coupling eyelet ring itself
  • 01:34: Sliding I pulled up here I have not. farther connecting column and start 5 round loops 2 3 4 5 caps and right here and sliding where we [music] so vyvyazyvaya 4
  • 02:04: [music] column with one nakida to the end, I do not make out 5th petelechki leave the hook and Now all together we cut and fixed loop on to the next up a couple doing a column knit also two three four five and
  • 02:36: tying up four columns with one nap left on the end last loop on the hook so all together knitted I turn to the next arches column 5 12
  • 03:09: so now see i attach to to my sample which I have already linked up if I need to extend the strip I Now two petals tied to they looked here and the next two I will tie the petal Here I tied 2 air loops find the middle and so here interlocking eyelet
  • 03:43: and see again that is me got 5 air loops and now continue knit petal 4 columns and so the way here is a thread which left me from the previous one flower I'll show it to everyone it is tied up he look see she
  • 04:16: me right here here on the other side petal that is, it will not interfere will not dangle from this thread further see passed next or heel made two air loops again take the petal connecting just a connecting loop and 2 more air loops and continue to tie all finished petal and tightened
  • 04:50: go to the next arches so we must cut eight petals i finished 8 petal next we drag off in a loop and to finish i must here at first under the first petal I introduce a hook or such a connection is just a loop I do this way I associate separate
  • 05:20: floral motifs so as not to cut thread, I decided to use this way now look to go to next lipid flower i just do the length of the loop and here I have here is a little ball I'm from the leftovers show sample if big is big here stretch the eyelet and in this way tighten under all that we have to go to the next flower all we begin as I showed the very beginning
  • 05:52: around my finger I am doing a sliding loop and start typing midpoint i.e. two air loops on 2 air loops and the next see all the column is very, very simple and so that's what I said not to cut strings I decided for myself come up such a way
  • 06:25: if my suggestion was useful to you use it for knitting you good luck and creative inspiration and waiting for new lessons