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5 Dakika Kurabiyesi. 5 minutes and tasty cookies are ready!  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello I name is Eugene and you turkish cook today we We will prepare you kurabe Turkish Turkish pastries for Five minutes before it very very fast well that this we need means 250 grams of margarine or desirable oil that she was room temperature here it so quickly will cut Uhahah I did not out very but you quickly
  • 00:30: We understand if you Can not soft cut once strikes so slegontsa then we need three half 4 cups flour bag baking powder immediately Mix the flour with baking powder through fizichka so more convenient hands personally and Now here's a little bit
  • 01:05: so flour baking powder Mix and add flour in our oil here the ship 1 cup sugar or sugar and 1 egg yolk protein we still It needs now knead interfere Of course it all with using your hands so
  • 01:35: faster and easier Halfway Travel see that you come into one's own get at As this is not all interfere more We continue to have a hand tired but interfere interfere bobs here and you Training at the same time biceps and triceps, and all affairs everything works and that's all Our dough is ready and
  • 02:07: Now we need protein from our eggs and nuts here so I have them It grinds on blender in general here Now take our simply take the dough here is a little glomerulus to Lobachyov that's just so you can can be smaller more who have both He loves his Macau protein and this is how horoshenechko our
  • 02:41: nuts that's what we turned and put in the pan who has cooked We lay a baking paper and so all here are some dough handsome turned Now I'm going to oven to 170 degrees before cooking will be here and watch ready bedroom somewhere 25 minutes in the oven and our kurabe ready I turned certainly I tried
  • 03:11: such as gentle on the taste is very very literally melts straight in the mouth so, too, I recommend it most simple and fast recipe That's why nothing no not complicated fear if you do not know how to work with the dough is not afraid because These probe prepared tincture quickly so simple so elementary all I wish all Bon Appetit and also please if you have some other recipes kurabe can be What I do not know
  • 03:41: NGOs separately and that there is be sure to write beneath me video comments I you very much grateful and immediately they will try to make and remove all videos I hope that this video you have been helpful Whether this is the case then place thumbs up I will be very happy subscribe to my channel and will cook together and Now bye bye