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HOUSE KVASS - well, very tasty!

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  • 00:00: Hello everyone, I'm here today. I will cook very
  • 00:30: delicious real home course first thing I I will prepare the leaven for its preparation I need sugar fresh yeast can be take dry water and two species rye bread first you need to dilute the yeast put in the dishes fork yeast add some water completely dissolved so that there were no lumps
  • 01:01: add to yeast sugar some more water and all is good mix the finished mixture while we set aside aside we cut bread in small cubes to us half loaves Bread can and should not be cut you can just smash but I'm more
  • 01:31: like cubes lay out on baking tray Of course kvass can be make of any bread but best of all and tastes better from rye bread than better than him and the crypt is tastier there will be a class for this you can take several
  • 02:02: grades of bread then to her the taste will be saturated and original all bread is prepared now let's do a starter a couple of handfuls not fried bread send to the bank the rest will be fry in a container pouring divorced yeast with sugar and fill with water all mix and
  • 02:39: leave insist on a couple days aging sourdough depends on temperature if you are as hot as you are us I think she gives for two days cleaning jar of light this is best of all this there will be a sill that sunny beams so bookmark faster well crackers were toasted it's been 40 minutes, but I'm in during this time I watched them so as not to burn them if they burn will be very unpleasant taste
  • 03:09: kvass but they should to be roasted such here then will be beautiful color of kvass Another detail when jarite cracker it is necessary be sure stir to them not burned with one hand this amount breadcrumbs are enough for 3-4 times to cook kvass in a three-liter jar passed the day like this
  • 03:39: looks like you leaven she is almost ready the best not to smell Braga recalls here bread is clearly visible he walks well swollen will I thought she is delicious class a little you can stir but such grandmother and wait another day
  • 04:10: another day went by leaven is ready you can define it by smell Sniff if not smells like yeast she you do it ready to smell only kvass class and bread like this looks like a leaven on the second day completely stopped wander and and you can see at the bottom formed white 40 we prepare a class we take three-liter jar
  • 04:41: fall asleep 3 guests rusks prepared in advance and pour boiling water pour neatly so that did not burst the jar a little pour is given get warm we are doing this for
  • 05:15: to give biscuits your taste and color that's how it will be enough here about a liter of water add more a little raisin but this at will we pour out sugar hot water faster than we are going all leave
  • 05:50: cool to room temperature temperatures all the water has cooled down has acquired beautiful saturated color add the leaven well stir and poured out add cleanly
  • 06:25: filtered water yes narrowing of banks why do not I replace starter hot water yeast will die and kvass does not work out jar of quartz cleaning in a warm bright spot on put on days a day passed kvass
  • 07:10: is ready to determine this very easy take a little class and try if you taste like it means he is ready to remain his drain and you can refrigerate kvas still plays it can not hold on long since it will turn sour ferment it shoot during no smell of yeast only smell of class percolate class
  • 07:40: through a sieve the result is 2 liter of kvass this one whole leaven that It turned out and we will use for a new class this leaven is now on two three liter banks
  • 08:10: divide it in half put in the jar add 3 handfuls fried crackers sugar and leave for a day wander and so you can do before infinity is not forget to share with neighbors as every time she will have you doubled we pour kvass in clean dishes and we remove the refrigerator close tightly cover and clean in
  • 08:40: refrigerator kvass you can drink as much as he will stay and cool down this is approximately 45 hours passed the night the class stood out sludge he became pure beautiful now we will sample pushed many doses do not shake to
  • 09:13: sediment did not rise smell home of yummy taste this class I advise to cook
  • 09:44: for lovers sweet class can add sugar before how to clean in this refrigerator class is very good removes thirst and suitable for okroshki moderately sharp sour real home kvass to everyone pleasant appetite try cooking until new meetings so far a