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  • 00:00: Hello to everyone, dear friends in this video i want to show how enjoy multimeter and apply it to living conditions I believe that this information will be very useful let's start in order let's say we need measure tension to start we need which We will measure permanently or variable variable voltage is in sockets, this is where 10 dashes of 220 volts in
  • 00:30: transformers constant tension is blocks power and charging devices batteries after rectifying diodes in electronics and so we decided let's say we want measure tension in outlet what do we need to do to start we need connect the dipstick and black wire should
  • 01:00: be down there where written com we connect red wire in the second connector here it is written that one thousand volts maximum for dc current hooked up to put on voltage the variable we need
  • 01:30: turn right there where it is written a integer i.e., a compartment change Odessa is always father and volt like this that's all clear if we are going to measure more than 220 volts then to us it is necessary to put on 750 because if we put on 200 and on in fact there is 220 the multimeter will show one and not measure stress
  • 02:01: because we put on 750 take the usual carrying and poking thorns 220 as you can see multimeter shows 225 here's 225 if I put on 200 volts
  • 02:34: there's a timid just nothing will not show because you need to put at 750 let's say we need measure tension on the battery for this you need to expose styli and we leave on the same place but we exhibit already on an alternating
  • 03:05: voltage apologize for constant stress desing in if we have a battery for four volts set to 20 volts here as well as on variable voltage if battery and more for the voltage a we set a limit less battery then mutemath nothing. will show we set a limit of 20 Here we take the usual I took the battery with mobile phone and
  • 03:35: connect to contacts battery 3 6 4 volts we have 3 6 4 for a year like this just can check voltage Parking with connect when verified tension is not important that is , any wires connect and will show exactly We understood the tension
  • 04:07: let us all need we need check resistance for this is here special mode let's say we need to measure a resistor but I did not have handy resistor because I took the usual light bulb, let's say that it's that it's a resistor imagine that this resistor we take the set such as 2000 about the division 2000
  • 04:40: connect touch the probe and how you see resistance bulbs are badly visible now put it like this resistance light bulbs 61 it's all unpretentiously no difficulties
  • 05:10: feelers also we leave as in the case of verification tension now turn to a new one regime is acceptable to us need to check intact whether the wire if found or not put on click here there is such a mode here before as call or measure resistance we usually check soups soups whole
  • 05:41: Yes and the same the most we can do to try on is the whole wire then there is we connect as you can see multi lettering means chain defense all very simple there is another mode measurements temperature we are here now check not we can because I'm now thermocouple
  • 06:11: no, but all very much too just take a topic put the pair on measurement temperatures are stuck thermocouple too red here black here in general, as it were important but better when to observe the rules set thermocouple and mutemath will show temperature let's say we need measure current as much consumes current for
  • 06:41: this we put on section of the program constant current 10a and letter and this means ampere for this already already connect the test leads otherwise connect someone down that is black I apologize for the black com but a red wire up there where written 10 amperes
  • 07:13: odessa check the current is wrong like stress We stress verified Just take it and connected two probes to two conclusions but when checking what only you just play multimeter to do so can not verified consumption only in this way I do not have now this load me
  • 07:44: show how it one takes one wire directly connects to source and the other wire to the consumer it is permissible so connected to the consumer's from here the wire is also source through the lamp there must be chains consistently by the way, like this that's impossible check so here in this way and so
  • 08:15: you need to have one to direct to feeding one probe to the Bullshit, I'm figurative I say a light bulb such a from such a battery work will not be one wire from this from this contact power is obtained that a light bulb in the middle consistently through one wire and method expendable in
  • 08:46: milliampere or a vampire looking what is the consumption everything is just nothing Complex here is not present there is still test Consumption and current in the variable voltage new this the meter is cheap there is no regime in it such verification consumption and only in the variable voltage here only constant verification process
  • 09:16: the same in those multimeters of which there is measuring function consumption and only in the variable tension there will be it is written not di share and that is hotel change and amp also it is necessary exhibit the right mode and connect load consistently
  • 09:46: through one probe everything just as if no difficulties No, well, many newbies or are mistaken and result and instrument meter does not fail because it's better to be reinsured review video and make no mistakes never if there is one more nuances when you check consumption only you devices like light bulb as charger the device is there
  • 10:18: capacitors that accumulate a certain current and for one moment can give out a very big current in fractions of a second which can lead to clogging the multimeter because it is necessary in advance set the mode to 10 amp because if you bet less may burn fuse or the whole device in general enter will another nuance wanted to say here
  • 10:49: this way, you can it is in this location of probes can measure up to 200 milliamps also itself consistently connect the load but only up to 200 milliampere all that is more consumes need to put here then only go through measuring noise and the device will remain whole if you do it and scroll and the current will go more than 200 ampere most likely device 3 so take care of your
  • 11:20: they are not DMM less is not strong and cheap such cases as follows video I want to show how to use keys because watch my updates and wait new videos and subscribe and put a husky Well, thank you all to goodbye to the ambulance meeting all bye