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Как очень быстро удлинить платье кружевом. Простой способ  See details »

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  • 00:00: i hello in today's video we we will lengthen the dress and lengthen it we will be lace dress we have knitted since paid to the storey and she then stretch lace and which we will lengthen naturally matched too who it is also black and just as well lace should be a stretch deed she is so wide to us such a width is not need there and now we will cut in half cut well beforehand of course
  • 00:33: sealed to nothing moved Now Sew the lace necessary for slices add up to face dub edges and go with one and the second sides and pass i will petty I did not clarify with a zigzag, but it seems to be for granted that lace It should be the same size with the same length
  • 01:04: the bottom of the product here is yakushev first and now by the side slices and the slice which I have succeeded I will connect and the front side of the dress is attached to it face of lace I put on the front side and here here is where everyone is combined with side slice I will turn one-side lace and side cut
  • 01:35: he already has we have depicted in some direction certain because we already wore this product we have it now only lengthen i go ride now crippler and distribute lace evenly for this we distribute it first by side cut and then centered front and the center of the back well and the skin is a question then we take and divide evenly so I connected
  • 02:14: two side slices and mark the center like lace middle same here i keep revenge and schedule the center back and here I combine the back center here and so imposing and fixing in the same way we do with the pin ahead pins secured now can
  • 02:45: go through I will take a zigzag stitch use small zigzag and do on foot width By the way, if you extend the product it is possible to have the bottom of the product was like you there I do not know processed in two bullets how could lifting be either cut off or do here so here as i am him turned away and about ironing but I will still OK couples to pass so that they cannot be seen
  • 03:15: traces all stitching after I did zigzag seam as I said I was still cut themselves, too, because the law but already such a large zigzag so that there is no big thickening because zigzag more so thin I did and if handle it will no longer be familiar so they don't need zigzag just better why I was doing a seam zigzag because it's a hem
  • 03:45: this is the bottom and we need to make everything good stretched over so much of us lace itself we have stretch fabric see as pulls well zigzag if I did a straight line then of course when we we went into transport or sat down these strings they could crack just like that very quickly we lengthened the dress by seven and a half centimeters hope video will be useful for you
  • 04:17: bye everyone [music]