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  • 00:00: Hi, this is losing the kitchen and yourself I want my friends today tell you about your favorite recipes eggplant I am such an eggplant and I like cold for start we need 1 eggplant 200 grams of minced pork 100 grams of flour half a teaspoon of ginger and starch teaspoon soy sauce 1 protein salt and black pepper all components except flour send instead of starch soy sauce and protein everything except flour and
  • 00:34: mix well stuffing ready now let 's do eggplants pultik cut off and cut it in the depot take sticks chinese can take a pencil and it doesn't
  • 01:06: fundamentally and thinly chop eggplant is not up to the end on 6 petals here these sticks they just do not give us tie up to the end here are 123456 all the sticks we remove the birch and so we do whole eggplant Here we are now almost
  • 01:37: lanterns and neatly fill each leaf stuffing gently trying not to break eggplant future but straight stuffing not greedy good so Ivan put extra stuffing on top here so you can remove here with us practically and a flashlight and turned we postpone and continue to fill other blanks
  • 02:07: now every flashlight neat dipped in flour remove too much neatly lay out our flashlights and fry with all parties we do average pour a glass of tomato juice
  • 02:40: cover with lid and bring to readiness minutes 10 more but ours flashlights and ready only left add a little green onion and the whole you can serve have such eggplants possible both hot and cold all friends my dish is a very prepared dish tasty want to add in the old fashioned way add want to add garlic too option
  • 03:12: will be very tasty too all and with you I say goodbye I'll go feed my family and you Help yourself goal I was Valery this project another kitchen do not switch tomorrow will be even better