How to Make Angela Is Papers. A Christmas Angel Rukami.Origami Angel.Podelki with children!  See details »

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  • 00:00: friends with you svetlana titov on channel with crafts hands today i want suggest making this beautiful Christmas angel for this we cut out we take the stencil a piece of paper course in complex stencil twice
  • 00:34: a piece of paper here so we put it here our girl take pencils and carefully freedom from
  • 01:22: let this be like you amulets here here we are still like this hearts with one side does not will be cut off from here this side the wings will crash Here, too, we shall stay the part
  • 01:53: we will cut precisely since platice after in the office
  • 02:39: you cut me already in visas have not yet been cut here are three asterisk construction raise and begin a little girl on the wings he has these we are their that's how you take away in these places but not
  • 03:10: cropping so they keep raise these petals with this hand and it turns out such a volume is not angel you can not take tyknom or beautiful satin ribbon cut these Now attach the case
  • 03:41: barrels of stone at night and here, too, hooks and you will succeed so beautiful pendant on the tree a maybe even gift was glad to meet with you all the best subscribe to my channel put like Comments on the body rally