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Feeding equipment with a protivozakruchivatel the hands.

Feeding equipment with a protivozakruchivatel the hands.  See details »



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  • 00:00: Hello everyone another video for those who winter in the evenings of June sits and prepares for summer fishing like me here I will be on the site all so I will make oneself to catch with a trough anti-twister and for one thing for sure most know about moles somebody after all
  • 00:30: I do not know, I will do for yourself and at the same time I will show for you how will i do them although such chopsticks I buy there we have shops for all devices and holidays and there sell all sorts of things Balls is here Wheeling also called after all there and there sticks such sell and not I know why use but I use them for fishing these sticks I'm not just they fit pretty rigid such forms have a small size cache hole such
  • 01:00: slightly better than Wand of chu and spots here is their I imagine bought a pack using it is now a tube heat shrink which bigger size so calmly to dress something I cut off somewhere So centimeter times I cut this thermal shrinkage in the center a little bit just like this pruned here at the center of times all we take
  • 01:31: we put on a stick also the bar here peeped at us tip of this tube hop take a swivel which is just about the size a little better than here you see almost back to back and this one we seize this swivel we start again a wand a tube here and swivels with us is obtained by in the middle we choose somewhere in the third here if you take a tube for the whole
  • 02:01: each to himself chooses whom it looks like then he chooses an example so the third part is all begin to heat our design shrinkage will take its shape is good will keep this swivel is not moved on a straw I have nothing more especially it does not clamp it is good I warm up here and in we do the same thing here such a bend times and when term shrinkage
  • 02:31: it will harden Keep and swivel so that it did not move anywhere not to the right nor to the left and the same time, even more give tough at all stiffened by my straws OK-OK everyone understands everything now will be stiffened fine we take piece of sparkle skip the middle even I can feel it
  • 03:03: it cools down quickly it all happened to me lick dress a bead here so much this hydra and king small bead just go away it protected here I have here einer such beads pumpkin here she is lost we take a bead dress on this edge and
  • 03:34: here this land is with us already from beads like It turned out and is doing eight-point nodule to stay small loop big do not need us just for too more then so show here october will do this way again so wrapped up later once again so wrapped so below from here launched and you need a small only in order to it was possible then another swivel for
  • 04:04: her snap and all so here absolutely not necessary wetted here and was tightened with the help of what is there to wear there throw up this fishing line all the extra tip crop if desired great so about Alaska do not touch fire you can even tip so slightly fuse here but it's not mandatory function all here on this side is
  • 04:34: such a thing It turned out now leave the example centimeters 20 can be less and leave centimeters 20 is this for so that here calmly moved so that bite is good felt through straw I am circumcising myself here it all households do not and do the same just not close to tubule in order to there is room for the shepherd's leg is good moved
  • 05:04: do the second loop also eights simply everyone has already finished we tighten farms this is one extra time circumcised in half that is, this is the whole the process is very fast this process is this is ready now
  • 05:34: Now do not forget what is this all about when short a tube that goes to back up and this one the long tube is coming hook to our I'm here that's where you are she did a little bit these tubes well such take means than it is good but here this prema looped without any gadgets of special we get a hook behold
  • 06:06: the reaver here swivels do not be alone here this is enough for also in the trough change very quickly to a smaller quickly change this looping in a loop tied up we hang potato depends on what do you need large and small everything from casting amount of feed and here is the small one this site attach it spinning is obtained Here is such a thing she
  • 06:36: does not overwhelm overflows with old lady when the same thing falls here because as a brother not fell all the same, she did not overwhelms and lies somewhere near to side by side for casting same thing to me seemed pretty convenient thing is the same time is the same time it will be good be felt bite because goes through everything a tube here I all imagine these now
  • 07:07: we put on in a pair months we already have will be spring time tread well, and you imagine do and with whom probably soon hairs so that envy I used explicitly Soon all spring to all until the next video can there like it may be useful to him till