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молодец - очень нужные упражнения - спасибо


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  • 00:13: we are very much exercises for factory collapse I want to tell you Specifically, he himself triangles have there is only property for which did not work and when we we practice in our free zone and improve and become more tightened will look
  • 00:30: young 1 dash them will we do first we will work with you with the upper part circular is something that a and upper lip area from lips and nostrils to Let zone too It is different defects such as vertical wrinkles heating also many people especially in women with age can show longitudinal wrinkles We are acting under the nose Now that this does not it was we ourselves do
  • 01:00: Exercise I rabbit on call its because of this that we will try Singer movement that make rabbit remember when Well he extends together with the upper lip nose like shrinking try replaced the also To do this, we first forefingers fingers fix the entire area of nasolabial area and so long recorded and Now we will try to move not only lip there is an important no point in google pulled in and we
  • 01:30: it is straining and relaxes We try and pinned as the role of the wine and very important point here is the need to observed in the first bottom corner and we you should try full time on corners of her mouth that is moving only the top lip you do not even feel When we ran out You will immediately appear on
  • 02:01: 10 by someone different and expected day is very good bar It tones the top bugun and improve and shape if someone I do not like, and so do you dilute accessory here next exercise we will have to pair muscles that we raise the top lip they have It is here But under the upper lip rise straight eyes that is closer just to nose with him we yet these do not work Muscle is also very important for nasolabial they triangle
  • 02:30: stuffed it immediately appears twisted hall and opposite happens when on the contrary, they have too spazmiruyutsya Hall, he can also appear so you We must learn and good feel and few pump that this area of the brain fine as we we do first view mirror and try to understand just the upper lip so for example do dogs face board just the top corner see where you it turns out that's Yunus host is very an important point because
  • 03:00: that each person is individually in someone can be Hall obtained above someone less so check out where to put you when you do it identified put his fingers can or two fingers or even four well fix the areas to start It begins bail We found a place fingers and now very strong We wish not here to give the skin climbs and It does exactly the same movement we raise upper lip it is not necessarily dance complete fool enough even in half of
  • 03:30: drop we raise provided below, and We relax try out location aware when will conduct and first they suffer You will be very quickly tired of that not one of us We used to work it fine increase quantity accomplishments gradually overload courage but very important to follow fingers of people to you do not get feedback
  • 04:00: thus pumped These muscles here and we leave the area right contribution and learn I feel these sets in order to ordinary life, you do not We are doing some of antics and squeamish not strained here here this is now place and still speaking funny triangles course the same can not skip the 1 really on the nose, too, have some muscles are Of course small and this property nose, or to be a porno muscles that we
  • 04:30: balloons monsters we today you try front seam and why is it important Scientists have proved that nose and ears, they increase in person for all life happens this is because they consist us cartilage beautiful fabric more mobile and she her difficult resist the force gravity so all life we have asked we have increased like stretching force
  • 05:00: the severity of either larger and also increase too so if you look at your people and compare let them now no photos youth, you will notice that the form really little changed scrapped how to sail and it becomes a little longer than Now that this does not we were with you train them the control pants when it is a little shake reduced it will keep our nose always bark and will also be tone up in such places again preventing the emergence of labial collateral this we instantly sonos
  • 05:32: inspect and transaction first cable do without fingers just play nose down very it is important here is not strain if you just did not work 9 cm and gene try to make This, together with the lip but only so as not to over analysis around corners It can be a little film it's the same skill running nose like move the ears that is,
  • 06:00: if the first to the It happened after any time you certainly it happens when you We learn to move monster separately Now we have a little load up sprinkler our muscles we have a little finger we raise a tip nose quite a bit that can not be here skin and now for us also not tried tip nose press on the memory further here in this way when you do this exercises should be
  • 06:30: also to you scared of here nose and eyebrows are not take your venture to this It is very important and so we ourselves know three exercises that help us keep our nasolabial triangle I'm fine They hope you all turned on the next lesson, I I show you exercise to help us get rid of unnecessary fat in the neck and chin area I wish you well productive to take until we meet again