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  • 00:00: the beauty of the face is three components and the first is the bones So they went down here they eyebrow wrinkles happened and they will let's arrange diaphragm and this is such a powerful exercise which will help in even in stressful some bright stress the there is then we move by age we gain wisdom but vigor brains we can turn out [music] how can you save or even return
  • 00:31: youth is it possible how are related between themselves youth oval face and posture [music] how are they connected all the same youth beauty and posture spine in very often take a lot of work surface and actually need
  • 01:01: engage in structure then when we lined the structure and provided a good nutrient influx is not significant saved on cosmetics this is about that spinal health is the most bloodstream this including cognitive health is a memory reaction and so further what can you say about it memory memory and structure they just are coming live soul to soul because then when tension arises and becomes difficult
  • 01:31: brain drain suffers and suffers that part brain which is called hippocampus is such a pad and when it filled and so beautiful and she translates short-term memory long-term then when food is broken but actually so broken food yes here and so break here and so here you sit in front of the TV or in front of the computer and break food
  • 02:01: then if they used to say that impaired cognitive function of age Well, as if this is what you wanted and promptly yes now we know what it is reversible in fact everything in medicine these irreversible gizmos become reversible when someone disagreed that it is irreversible and there are people who do not agreed that cognitive functions and here this decline age dementia make scary alzheimer's network scary words not agreed that it is irreversible and
  • 02:32: did and it is reversible and it turned out that release the back of the neck softening these bones of the skull are just very simple exercises we can do them together with you give an opportunity to improve outflow no influx outflow because with the influx everything is very good with the head that is then when we move by age we we gain wisdom but the brains we can work on the same seems useless
  • 03:05: there at 40 45 years old it is useless to start something with spine wears it turns out you can rewind the story and even gain some kind of flexibility which was not there is never an opinion that a child the structure is plastic and copes easily he's grown that's what has grown has grown here somehow with age bones against the wall something is not invented here and what results can be achieved even if the woman never studied backbone of your body in general sports here is a pic what kind of results can be achieved
  • 03:35: in fact, I have one word impressive there is such a phrase the more firewood passions the brighter the fire transformers for example and i will tell you about one beautiful ladies now we friends and love each other and gently she came forced parallel to the floor if a person is in this numb them such a serious condition what he has plans for life as he sees his future how does he see the world around she year this day after day month after a month with much by the way
  • 04:07: distrust she began to engage and here plasticity is gained she straightens this other person listen it's different and a different view of life hear it turns out that we are engaged only the skin surface and all these anti-aging treatments and most importantly not in this when we talk about the beauty of the face we always say good but not always very often we break on the surface what to smear how to wash and improve so it glittered and make up of course
  • 04:38: same need say that the beauty of the face is three components and the first is components these are bones when we think about facial bones skulls like there are bones bones they move a and the underlying bone from which depends all the beauty of the structure of the face is frontal now I will show terrible wore let's yes the second part is the muscles which is attached to the bone and to the skin and
  • 05:08: only the third is the skin and here in this sequences need to be built then when a person is under stress tight jaws tightened jaws pulled the frontal bone and the frontal bone here she moved I actually move mechanically pushed not fabrics but straight here frontal bone down is what happens then when a person gets angry worries nervous here they brow update here they wrinkles happened and they will but become wider
  • 05:39: lower the frontal bone then when it drops it's obvious that eyebrows go down it is obvious that there will be deep here fold DIY make hall checks here nasolabial fold fold corners her mouth will fall down her cheeks a little bit naturally they will fall down hold on no what to do obviously from what happened we need first you smile up relax the chewing muscles ie here it's a facial expression so it is very helps not only to relax the jaw and
  • 06:11: and bring the frontal bone into correct position but also survive what even troubles somehow literally there is such an expression keep your face it makes the frontal bone relax once jaws we let go of the frontal bone to rise up in the morning can start at all Here is an exercise I say call good morning when we put our fingers on the frontal bone is not on the brow not natka on frontal bone and give the opportunity
  • 06:41: and the jaw would grow people a little bit ajar and give the opportunity to raise finger this frontal Well, for example, there are four provisions for edge of the orbit evenly slightly pressing the top of the frontal bone went up with her eyebrows will rise along with the summer check up the corners of the eyes lips and more importantly what else depends the position of the bones of the facial skull from
  • 07:14: position of the neck and if the neck for some reason went ahead why well computers it doing what else just looking look is doing i don't know just sturdy neck-thoracic junction formed such the so-called age withers are very characteristic listen i look very young girls who have so she in general not age and this is just the position
  • 07:45: head neck way to say the head weighs significantly more d 25 kg weight of the head which worsens the situation itself if there is tension then outflow from the face difficult because here are subclavian collectors and we need reveal this area if not flowing then they flow Once the image comes out to reveal the shoulders we put the neck in another another the position will be different head language naturally yes about another about
  • 08:17: draw the structure of the face as possible change this head position out some technique or something you need remembering myself i 'm leading them to fall remember well there is such the first exercises in yoga when they say pull the spine and drag to the sun Yes, and to post passed if possible remember this is very cool we about good posture remember passing past the storefront seeing its
  • 08:47: reflection got better how much enough of this memory Well, not for long so in Swedish guilt minutes it takes about a and then again some thoughts came to voice the service is here we need to do something what shall we make a new habit what do I suggest doing exercises who would take this conglomerate apart muscles in the seventh cervical and it will become new position of the seventh neck you will need to think where he is and this posture
  • 09:17: posture must keep passive voice it should be just like a reflex reflex is conveniently comfortable exactly because what if you are a sculptor and I will ask you fix this sculpture and this one Sculpture obviously this one is easier to put than this one here need any additional survey structures and they arise from muscle tension therefore Even posture is more comfortable and than more relaxation is more important than
  • 09:50: more relaxation better posture because there are thrusts that pull and when we relax them we straighten shoulders structure improving with here it is important on then when we lined up can do exercises on the seventh cervical shot 7 lives we freed from the current from faces now we can start working with muscles
  • 10:20: dense structures because then when we work with them we stimulate significant outflow and we need first business release neck and collarbone for to start doing it and the third is skin and well and here what on it to smear it you are great fellows and know a lot of things This here I more pro structure then when we provide a good flow skin and tissue in the face talking about beauty we usually get what's next
  • 10:50: good effect we improve blood supply to the brain cannot be improved blood supply to the face without improving blood supply to the brain of the nose if central that they are supplied together and we have this neck relaxation and relaxation of this nod up gives you the opportunity to provide high-quality outflow from the head tell me you can now start with what you can even make at home some
  • 11:20: being complex home doesn't often seem we exercise with pleasure to start let's do the exercise on the seventh cervical on this one neck and thoracic transition for this foot we will put parallel to each other a little bit gazing knees and hands laid on waist so that fully palm is good handy when lying on the one to do small rotation of the shoulder joints and stop the farthest and lowest position let's straighten your shoulders and in this
  • 11:50: position all the entire bottom of the body freezes 1 neck and head will rotate circle the top of the head describes circle or some kind of circle passing through central passing through central position center small circle and again come back to the center then when you describe this circle you actually
  • 12:22: stretch loosen all muscles who have one go from the neck to shoulders there are a large number of all sorts different muscles there is a direct conglomerate of these muscles one way to the other pretty and nice exercises here we are going forward pulled up we check what now this central position is likely she will be different
  • 12:52: you need to find it and do it once more but some amount as many as enjoyable but it is incredibly enjoyable exercise now finding disclosure release 7 we do an exercise which is called snake rings neck and head and vertebra go down behind the vertebra flows down under the weight head and neck relaxes every intervertebral body is revealed thoracic space it and hang bending 17 vertebrae on 17
  • 13:23: discrete movements will this slope bending up in this position will feel that the spine has become longer and very imagine yourself with this long spine in the upright position bend your knees and slowly gently Rise to the Top 17 of accounts as a as if flowing down in you image of you with this long spine going up
  • 13:53: rate the variables most likely it will be bullet lined up and more comfortable position in space and neck long head light and head makes a small nod this one this one yes yes yes yes yes yes yes and this the nod reveals the very first the cervical vertebra here passes just those vessels which provides outflow from heads which actually provide good yes da da da da da da
  • 14:23: chin close to the neck from stand in this nod and do no no no no no no no relaxing this is rotation on the first cervical vertebra and hi oh oh oh oh oh oh all these three exercises in different ways here this is the space of the first cervical vertebra through which occurs and outflow provides normalizes circulation and find the most beautiful thing open position ask for his body
  • 14:55: remember then when you are so do you want the body to do as if cast with of this new discovery nice new sensations that were made during exercise so here is having built the first cervical 7 and let's catch the whole structure diaphragm and this is such a powerful exercise which will help in even in stressful some bright stress situations need exhale and delay and with a delay go upstairs hoo source
  • 15:29: position exhale delay going up hold this delay some more and make it smooth very relaxed inhale then when you make it two three times you will feel a rush at the very the cause of cheerfulness and tranquility with her these exercises can be done literally every day building your structure and caring for health and beauty
  • 16:00: spine well, and people to do where every day, well, well, well well, every day 15 minutes is actually something wrong a lot for what you buy for these 15 minutes 15 minutes a day in the morning anytime convient time for you in fact people who are engaged to in the evening the dream gets deeper and recovery is better people who choose to engage in the morning it is such a cheerfulness charge good
  • 16:31: mood that is she at any moment of the day doing something good I think and I see this connection between flexibility body and mind flexibility this is the way to say that the more flexible the body becomes the more flexible it becomes the structure of the mind and more plastic becomes until at the same time it becomes more plastic the world is an impressive result for everyone different but it seems to me even this one trifle here and more awake wake up in the morning and what is vigor vigor it quality of circulation what is quality
  • 17:01: circulation this structure of this already enough to be filled feels like 10 in life do you feel it on the passport means it means that person transmits its some restrictions about how bad he must feel and you can say exactly what to feel in whatever condition a person comes you can feel better friends are waiting patiently for comments under this video that you got useful
  • 17:31: do you exactly how that shifts have occurred are you interested in new meetings with what kind of experts do you want see in our program be healthy and be sure to chant be happy [music]