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  • 00:00: [music] what girl does not dream of long thick eyelashes for this you can buy expensive mascara care products or use false eyelashes you can even spend on increments but before you put in a bunch money why don't you try our inexpensive and effective solutions that will help your eyelashes to become beautiful in just one month number one combing is so simple procedure like combing eyelashes can significantly improve their condition
  • 00:32: scratching improves blood flow around the eyelashes bringing them grow faster and do not break besides combing helps get rid of dust which accumulates on the eyelashes You can buy a special comb for eyebrows and eyelashes or use thoroughly washed brush from the old carcasses and if you drip on a comb with vitamin This result will be even more noticeable. gently comb your eyelashes in for 5 minutes twice a day start from the roots of the eyelashes and see
  • 01:03: comb to their tip number two natural coconut essential oils olive almond argan jojoba castor oil and others contain fatty acids that give hair follicles necessary nutrition and support eyelash health besides essential oils are rich in antioxidants that promote rapid growth eyelashes you will need a few drops castor or olive oil or any other i mentioned
  • 01:35: mix it with one drop of oil grape seed rosemary and lavender or tea tree as applicators use a comb for eyelashes or just your own fingers Apply the product to your eyelashes before so go to bed and leave for the whole night repeat procedure every evening if you want to achieve fast results number three petrolatum if you don't have under hand of essential oils will help you Vaseline Vaseline gives dry and brittle
  • 02:05: eyelashes they need moisture and even with his help they will become more thick and long besides moistening eyelashes you will also moisturize and your eyelids as a result your skin will be soft and elastic however it is very important to carry out this the procedure is correct to start apply on a Vaseline hairbrush with a thick layer and Then gently comb your upper eyelashes be careful not to get Vaseline you can then apply your eyes
  • 02:36: auto vaseline on if you sensitive skin is a must check for allergic reactions apply petroleum jelly on the back side palm and after a while check Does the redness does not appear after how do you finish top eyelashes lower the vaseline comb again and put it on the bottom row we are not if you repeat this procedure every night before bed then your eyelashes will get enough moisture and stop falling out and break the number four balanced diet
  • 03:08: if you limit yourself to food or on the contrary too love fast food then the state of your eyelashes will not be the most the best lack of vitamins is often leads to hair loss and weak breaking his eyelashes precisely for this the reason you need to eat foods with high protein for example lean poultry meat eggs from cheese milk and fish healthy fats also necessary for your health such fats you will find in nuts seeds avocado and olive oil
  • 03:38: eat more vegetables such as cabbage cauliflower peas broccoli tomatoes and brussels sprouts and don't forget about fruits have a lot of vitamins especially useful guava citrus apples blueberries strawberries and cranberries number 5 green tea green tea is rich antioxidants are also like vitamins promote hair growth and help eyelashes become thicker and longer it's not just green tea
  • 04:09: one of the main components anti-fallout cosmetics hair for start to make a cup of green tea let it cool and then using cotton pad apply it on your eyelashes such the procedure must be repeated once or twice in if you spend procedure in the evening then leave the tea on eyelashes all night leftover tea and Pour into a vacuum container and put it in the fridge then you can use tea another three to four days number six aloe vera juice and aloe vera pulp
  • 04:40: this is an excellent hair food and if aloe vera is good for hair head, it will be useful for your eyelashes to make a healing mask o take a fresh aloe leaf and squeeze out from it a few drops of juice then with with a comb or fingers apply him on your lashes and leave overnight for a stronger effect, take one tablespoon of aloe vera juice and mix it with 1 tablespoon of olive or castor oil
  • 05:10: apply the mixture on your eyelashes with brushes from old mascara wait 15 minutes and then wash your eyelashes cool or warm water such the procedure is best repeated twice a day number 7 massage is very simple and effective way to improve the condition eyelashes and stimulate their growth wash your hands first with soap then drip coconut or olive oil wait for a while on your finger the oil will heat up after this massage
  • 05:41: your eyelids and eyelashes for three to five minutes be careful not to pull the eyelashes and don't push on don't repeat this procedure at least twice a week number eight egg mask egg whites rich in proteins and vitamins of the group b and biotin these substances contribute strengthens hair and eyelashes and prevents take them a fresh egg mix its protein with 1 tablespoon petroleum jelly or glycerin using
  • 06:11: combs or cotton swab blend on eyelashes for best results repeat the procedure several times in a week for 2 months is very important do not apply pure protein namely mixed with glycerin or petroleum jelly because otherwise your eyelashes will become brittle weak also the mixture should not get you plaza number nine cleansing if you don't remove mascara from your eyelashes before bedtime then you can seriously harm them all equal to leave the shops in your hair on
  • 06:43: all night as soon as your make up eyelashes touch the pillow they break for this reason it is very important take off your eye makeup in the evenings you can use special means makeup remover or regular olive oil it also removes fine makeup number 10 make-up breaks will not be superfluous to do periodically breaks and not painted every day deal in fact some mascaras especially water resistant contains special components that make eyelashes dry
  • 07:13: and fragile let your eyelashes rest from your ears once or twice a week besides, change the mascara to a new one every 36 months This will help avoid eye infections. number 11 here are some more tips try not to pull your eyelashes especially when you score sadly their roots rather weak which can lead to them falling out no remedy will give you instant
  • 07:43: results you need two three weeks before they start happening positive changes are directly associated with eyelash growth phases average a person loses 4 eyelashes a day if you noticed that you have more eyelashes consult a doctor to check thyroid gland if you follow all this recommendations then your eyelashes are already through month will be noticeably longer and thicker except addition they will become stronger and their loss will decrease and you know how else you can make your eyelashes beautiful
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