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  • 00:00: good afternoon today we will cook the cake from roses with a very interesting nut apple stuffing this and the languor the opera waters will need for dough flour milk eggs creamy butter lemon or orange peel yeast sugar and a pinch of salt for stuffing us will need apples chopped nuts cinnamon icing sugar became first thing put melted butter the capacity we pour milk it must be a little warm add a tablespoon
  • 00:32: sugars and a pinch of salt and yeast now two tablespoons of flour the resulting pair will be set aside for 20 minutes in a warm place to be to start their a couple of add melted butter oil until we put it seems the remaining sugar slightly whisk whisk and also add from dig
  • 01:06: add and my friend zest already ready and I will leave the link under the video as I don't cook sift flour knead the dough and the first rim then the hands of the dough have already collected us mocks
  • 01:36: at this stage we will leave it and cover it towel leave somewhere for 40 minutes let it fit for the filling in add milk to the pot add sugar and add crushed nuts topping boil until thickened butter nutty stuff we removed from the fire she has thickened with us now she will stand a little cool will be even better here so on candy and now we gave
  • 02:06: munos to face stir and we rub on coarse grater apple ridding it of skins add grated clouds still hot mix the table thoroughly grease slightly vegetable mass you will have to roll out of this test rectangle
  • 02:36: spread out the dough on the rolled dough distribute the filling of the dough roll up roll roll we have to cut into 12 pieces divide it in half and each into 3 parts I greased my uniform
  • 03:13: put parchment paper on the bottom and Now I have to put roses paid each other [music] [music] first put a warm place so he repented a little and then open the oven on temperature 180 degrees about castration mine depending on your perfume like that
  • 03:43: pie and bros with us as a result we only need to open shape and sprinkle icing sugar cake the cake is very tasty beautiful flavor worth indescribable very advise you cook such a cake for your close bon appetit and all the most kind