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  • 00:00: Hello guys, I'm doing the old one my diabetic's request for the whole the day I cooked it today was cooking 1 2 3 desserts if doctors are doctors and [music] believed we stood how much it all it will turn out like that for breakfast 200 grams of millet porridge I haven't made any coffee here yet
  • 00:32: and any other drink or tea or compote or milk who wants I took the basic product as well, to count more or less calories and hi and so that there was a supply of some coffee small snack here this breakfast protein carbohydrate is very very very satisfying but anyway I'm not interested your husband and already figure it out
  • 01:03: smaller more he is now 1 is considered to be bread in half split here this one he carbohydrate well I know what he will eat here one half with porridge and one half goat cheese he can divide it between them miss an hour and a half there and then
  • 01:33: drink coffee with cheese and you can eat right away happens in any way between this breakfast breakfast and lunch full apple preferably fruit to eat or before breakfast or here 's a little diabetic snack you need fruit from apple to floor a day enough for lunch for lunch we have noodle soup today felled with meatballs and tongue boiled 80 grams of soup 300 grams here
  • 02:07: 80 grams and a whole cucumber 180 grams here this is one food is quite possible you can eat here a piece of bread who is not loves soup or can't eat without bread please have a bite of bread here between lunch and dinner a glass of tomato juice and for dinner we have boiled fish on a couple of boiled potatoes and rides a before
  • 02:41: sleep if you want to eat and eat always you want it i already see by his hotel he lived or drink a glass kefir or eats one chicken egg protein basically when and completely may even eat mayonnaise and here guys that we got this whole food on for the day I think it's a lot here we can't add on
  • 03:12: Be sure to draw straight. Add coffee all your drinks and bread I have not become what each dish this bread put everybody understand that someone we have my husband can bread at all a week don't eat and then suddenly the duck will want to want a whole day 23 can eat everything bread is different but most often but for some reason the bread is not very from but we often do different baking bread your
  • 03:43: liver ride and soon i'm gonna start oven is not like I can not get to it until crawl we read this menu here It turned out 1400 kilocalories and 13th here you can safely add more two hundred three hundred calories her cheeks add that is carbohydrates can still add some kind of lettuce can cough eat more for example to juice something yet also a piece of bread to eat there with nothing
  • 04:13: something else so i think it is very very satisfying and a lot of food a lot well, really I never get and always says what he always wants to eat I don't know why I do not know why like a lot of things and and always wants to eat well, that's how it is and here is read please eat nothing special here over no low-carb must of course eat
  • 04:45: us but here we are the main carbohydrates always go for breakfast plump meal founder bread and there are already more of course meat products with vegetables or Fish and vegetables, all I sign under the video I'll sign everything for breakfast gram how many calories and total I will write that is, see your own I just showed a sample menu
  • 05:17: many, many ask me to show directly menu and that everything was calculated at least just visually see how much and what how to eat here I showed you one of of today one menu is for today for tomorrow I cook such a menu for two days immediately on your day well except tomorrow to prepare your noise for each morning all different thanks for watching me listened subscribe to my channel menu
  • 05:49: I will exhibit already really want to enter the rhythm and each menu to here each do in two days to do the menu that we will the next two days may not work I don't know, but I will try it do thanks for commenting me everything really like it and I try with everyone communicate like likes write we will communicate and to new meetings
  • 06:20: bye Bye