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How to choose a grinding stone, the review of markings  See details »

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  • 00:23: Hello dear viewers our video channel Today I want to do a review on the topic how to choose abrasive stone or
  • 00:31: mine or ours so I I want to make this overview especially for those who uses Abrasive wheels for home use there are many abrasive discs for different types of application and they depending on have different value so I marked I will not overreach oneself in thicket and show the stone mount you want it for the home environment
  • 01:02: Abrasive wheels or Emery just divide five categories hardness of five rather basic and hardness category I first and tell old marking and stone and then Upgrade to the new marking that is there is an old marking this n soft hardness It called middle Now look at the soft us from the numbers cm-1's It has an average soft
  • 01:30: cm-1 then there sn2 of such an average soft and slightly sn1 sn2 then give the average solid floor 2 marking history Article 1 is std 2 medium and 1 hard 2 among the solid is firm but designation Average tweet soft We need exactly this
  • 02:00: she labeling denoted by the letter to the Russian loops Latin's look here on such as written here to see about the first numbers letters I also marked here is to explain once written some He writes or write or or who write different manufacturer marks differently Now this circle Amur as e.g.
  • 02:31: Here is a circle Avar abrasive plant Volzhsky ugly mug name, and they are the same labeled differently Now they are just starting to We put a man set to have matter will it myself 10 cm2 Leave the black, he was soft rest you already do not have to take you These stones are not st suit
  • 03:00: you just simply do not following suit characteristic how is grain there very shallow there very large grain it need average thus the average grain it is a grain the most appropriate for the home Both this application we will focus on This sara grain 40 from
  • 03:30: old marking old marking Now we will look Diana, we have old labeling here it's written 25 here figure 25 this is grain but we need here instead of figures desirable Tsiferki 40 are the first figures look still here here here it is the color refer to 25 and that
  • 04:02: It means 25 and, in principle, to us it does not matter and 25 it is we, I just decipher it It called corundum White has jarred or 24th k24a there in 2524 and this is called the genus white but there is such a in the same gray stone at he will designation in 1414 it King or normal Caron gray
  • 04:30: referred to so here we do not care to be am sure whether white on need other characteristic of us needed here, this figure Now he is 25 then comes the grain and then comes here these letters cm-1 is the old marking a new I'll marking Now show what be a sign like how does marking the Volga grinding plant abrasive plant
  • 05:01: grinding first is we these stone feature sense of its dimensions 250 20 to 32 is an internal width and diameter of 3220 250 diameter then it goes to 25 and this Carmen Gil and 46 Here are the numbers e46 and denotes grain 40-this is our average soft unimportant himself 10
  • 05:31: cm2 the remaining numbers you not even have Watch it goes round ligament ligament circle, too, is various small bunch a large bunch of all this is you do not Well you need to speed clear the icon Why should turn and that's it These momentum for sandpaper should be if they will be in 1400 gates or 900 rpm Emery will simply You need to be showered emery turnover especially small
  • 06:00: diameter 3000 rpm here is how characterizes but writing and marking already a man and 25 plant it is also the king of white and just figure 66 here us e46 or just 46 Annie you We wrote it for 25 corn the same letter to the king He writes to Putin Aelita torus average soft here on this
  • 06:30: marking and can be choose to watch abrasive stones but exactly what to knives kia Baggovut for household use even it is desirable that they 20 and not 62 figure was 46 or already on the new a new labeling so that now! Ukraine will looking for new markings because that the grain is 25 too small it will just burn tool
  • 07:01: the same but have Chopper has values ​​of He speaks of stones any dimension size you see to me it's a stone we used to grinding machine on Circular machines in its size 600 in diameter, 63 to stones and the width 305 is inner diameter Karna was wild stone 800 mm diameter woad flat fat but the oval machine
  • 07:31: Now it is up to 500 millimeters it is worn size limit we it was removed and there will be put on by Cylindrical Machine width you Incidentally 100 millimeters and to pursue a pro service but again performance and I say the same We look at them 25 corundum white and e46 this grain is 40 we have if the average soft you take for example
  • 08:00: st stone the more If you want solid and will simply It can not be stone processing your knife tool or chopper will just burn and even on the plane literally at large grinding although I Processing is carried out cooling but anyway if cummins the solid or grain is small a new nature for the home it is permissible here
  • 08:30: such labeling here 60 it is less zeron can not be used sword and Only larger, we use even 40 grain is clear and even what pitfalls I just drew note that people are sometimes taken for the home utilization still developing case calling need a stone he labeled with 64 with it also happens because Stone is the average
  • 09:00: yet there is a test 1 then the average flow sparks average solid harder than average soft but softer solid medium intermediate but it is a parallel This case is a stone green back I'm looking for qual stone black is used what to win and you trunk they, too, are different
  • 09:30: faction but that's how Roughing to give but for vacationers household use them virtually impossible apply only to treating a solid alloy cutting tools for freese yes to them the tool was not thinking may need process but I he said simply burn tool your well, of course come to bakelite I do Roughing stone somewhere something
  • 10:00: rough tear Well I think it is almost Russian is also not necessary Well that's all that's such a an overview of thanks for the layman Attention