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  • 00:00: [music] and we go there and where by numerous requests the gift of a member come here these hurt and sachen cron and at once give me your hands in oil now lubricate I was so uncle Volodya you slap
  • 00:30: synchronization begins all uncle volodya such was a friend of our family come here i'm kid she come here again hot day how many cold is it was a one shot he was hot in the ass another cold he them how to become a healer by popular request okroshka cheers I I will help the numerical requests I will translate as Okroshka is translated into English
  • 01:00: then brought here somehow I watched shiny absolutely frame there is this kind of baking called with very yes with a very sash when the shortbread so soft and there with curd filling yes, that means someone guessed It means they spread us out and very much and the price tag on several branches very sure of it before real photo of some price tag in some Cafe so open at the door and so here okroshka translated and baby work thoughts
  • 01:30: and the little English is translated and baby baby we make court court u baby in the dark guys shorter that with coloring he must say Okroshka on kefir this bullshit in because it is delicious but okroshka was originally all kvass because well kefir came to us in the country faithful 1 defective story but
  • 02:01: very late very late kefir fungus hit us 20 effective story there I will say a kvass kvass kvass therefore scholarship besides kvass it was therefore Of course this kvass okroshka on kefir for I sound strange though I will eat it and I will be fine but you need to understand that hash still here I somehow just yet guys look at the babe starts with card fan it is raw potatoes I you now show quickly around you somewhere
  • 02:32: By the way, here's the coffin. something like they started drinks fermentation is completely natural and man's invention there let's say in the states is this ginger or yes it's all kvassnogo type drinks mean guys see fast baby i am an opponent jacket potatoes I certainly will not eat her there Russian salad
  • 03:04: Okroshka vinaigrette when the potatoes were dumped in uniform I myself do not like to do so I love from raw chopped at first and and clear cubes and then quickly cooked because such a potato it cooks extremely quickly but it’s also important not pass the mother to hell before the start mothers scatter now I'll show you how to do so but overwhelming most certainly don't trade see how fast it is let's discover the good
  • 03:36: but Well, boiling water change their immediately when salt I always say something a little more sugar is it now that you can do already some more such life-affirming work namely
  • 04:07: just cut here like radishes and I can drive, I have to grate now is the time you are right in whole circles Yes, not one at first, then whole and then not whole then you will chop a little bit so here I am the salon so what I just I think what kvas differ from long ago he's on rye these men in breadcrumbs
  • 04:39: they were not always modal Well of course although it can be on white because often load make white cavaliers why his white kvass on white bread why not so unclear well yes he is a good gum class I can a little bit like that the most important thing rubanut ingredient sausage will you have no I will not be sausages glands not assume that it is indecent I will
  • 05:11: that's what minutes that's boil broth so yes i am now worthy there a piece of beef and boiled cool there is cool all somehow san shorter aa see he chopped finely and i have the danger of his transferred on clues understand this i don't first say there let's say there a minute or two later try it as soon as it becomes
  • 05:42: soft but not until the end of the year I should the cooking process be very strong slow down with acid that will fall here here as soon as there is acid the process of influencing the potato sharply get worse that's why in sour soup always put potatoes to add and again the components on it after so i here is a drop of vinegar in my process slow down and the potatoes are not digested will be soft but because the process I stop him about my cold water or potatoes in a given pelvis yes therefore here now will go more
  • 06:16: and mulka both ebit I do like this little striped remove skin Well, that is, you can and rub Yes complicated heroines of course i'm just now I have time and now I'm afraid to miss Potatoes, he probably already with someone there
  • 06:49: already very malleable all a little bit Vinegar started literally a bit of op and I slowed down a little bit less heat like there will be some you the secret ingredient I will have secret technology but what good which one
  • 07:19: according to my sketches a case on my hand high patronage i'm so health visitor this knife is a knife thank you chef engraving there is present as a soul minute and here now some things are far from it everything is up to you something unconventional not enough than unconventional life you know dill chives
  • 07:50: that there was a white part a little bit so yes separately so salute so the potatoes are ready now the process I stop and I think and immediately under
  • 08:20: cold shaft so she did not continue fights being extracted from water better but now and up to 1 1 this method of cooking potatoes have me as a 99 per cent do not make five minutes and the frame when ready when two minutes to clean minutes she sliced 8 minutes and then not need this sticky skin of that swami was borrow to and probably plus some more so that all the cubes will be separately of course so they laid out yes yes yes yes not smeared like this potato while
  • 08:52: glass so here you see me dill and green onions yes and salt yes I take modeler is the song for mojito can be very business only for wooden I don't have to rush about wood wooden model which we have it now these things will give their flavors and juice when they just swim in okroshka a do not give a fuck but when I am now shake with salt they start give
  • 09:22: their characteristic tastes and flavors and they now will enter into my okroshka thirsty third is a principle just cocktail yes then here are some that take including yes now the whole bitch court Rostov yes and now where am i all this is my base right here base here [music] look at our clean spoons, I want everything believe a little bit
  • 09:56: will not lose anything understood so around oral brew they are produced i I am ready to come here not just less sweet kvass for crumbs is always an industrial the class is fine with me like this I will remove all the good there while I add potatoes, too, here and there meat now I I will cut just boiled meat growth boiled beef no boiled sausage no legs yarkon joke sausage well, very
  • 10:26: not bad there will of course but takes not always better olivier always better with meat than said then of course I can enter eg for more of course but for no longer needed I added this brew just for the sake of So that my forces I understand because that now is not yet time is not class time now i have 2 eggs
  • 10:58: [music] one yolk here was zelinka yolk spit out here1 why would she see a little 2 little 2 the yolk part of the yolk and leave this egg these eggs i rubles for this i love in the body okroshka carelessly enough that is can hand load rough in this yolk i
  • 11:34: add to you about formally i have to Now rub the yolk you little by little add you to the yolk and spoon rubbing i can blender it all make the final suffer but surely I still need here Russian mustard is chasing how would technology such a yolk to grind with mustard and add there kvass and all on moving I why would I get up from blender
  • 12:05: mustard and always good fuck especially if kvass seems insufficient to you sour and if it is your sweet the presence of horseradish here in the liquid is always level the sensation of sweetness to hell always even if utero sour cry but you should always add it anyway yummy horseradish with two mage cream s1 replacement on damn with two new add yes and now I blender why do i have it all there
  • 12:35: rubbing ben gunn himself personally beats everything it is very uniform and calm mount normally broke maxuta turned out homogeneous muddy such slurry on tiny actually went and tiny life here the rest is impossible rough yes i can adjust number of classes yes necessarily ice of course ice always has it clean from the boiler room the same low that he
  • 13:11: don't cool much Supets should be served with ice in each a plate in particular for a person to see that here the well should not interfere a little bit I don’t like to add all this here is sour cream Immediately I give you a man and and a hotel just I, for example , 7 tons I don't like at all cover which is why i give human choice I believe that their boat should be such thick opacity game is so expensive muddy here there is a feeling of satiety so as not to be separately yes yes
  • 13:43: the usual thing is my usual part it is clearly visible yes it is visible because then we say here but the frequency is well, I beans may be a little bit still salt and all I pour pour pure in a plate special bulk i eat Of course Ponte is Ponte when you in
  • 14:13: put a plate only the thick part and then you come from a jug bends to I call but it is a big restaurant the story so at home actually do why yes i'm like this knee from the bowl is very appropriate and mustard to the place cool stuff absolute savory chains such here you are
  • 14:43: a layer of special whisper for chic potatoes zuetsya live Zion generally not communication kvass cold at home 15 minutes my baby is ready through the delicious summer mustard mustard and fred guys be sure to put someone not puts put
  • 15:15: I have not tried kvass before adding gadgets could not transfer the load on the class I did not like at to taste but that's fine because in childhood many people have children tastes gustatory slightly pulled shifted or we don't developed for example, many children do not like olives or olives in childhood do not understand I could not and do not need to taste I am a little dark Okroshka on kvass on kefir ate vocals autumn and now the opposite
  • 15:46: and your oil at the teaser, too, I just ate I think that blood is needed in grade 1 But there are people who write on his those okroshka on kefir they come correctly they tell you that she will on kefir but if you just write okroshka it is kvass I think that yes kept silent like yours by default yes i'm here that is, we have the consent of the way and that well here when i got older i suddenly felt buzz from drinking mugs on the classroom a gram like this so thank you guys cigarettes us like each other
  • 16:17: more often and bells same bells in his smash and on [music] and here it is in yiddish and wrist such language was now he not used dead but the road to eureka it's a bad word don't repeat it so only old friends can call
  • 16:49: each other of course you can stop the car but in fact there is probably no riddle no spice really good until from spice good makes them to paulig yes This is a peacock santa marina santa maria snail company division coffee paulig i know what production they have big in tver works right in the city on the outskirts
  • 17:19: chic modern factory here please answered so how much does it cost you to call on master class at night all organizational Questions contacts have on lazerson dot ru lazerson dot ru written by the letter z 3 letters per azercell but I am very clear then let's write let's boys ёpta [music] [music]