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Креветочный биск - концентрат бульона из панцирей креветок  See details »



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  • 00:00: Hello everyone, as always, I am Dmitry fresco and you look already guessed culinary propaganda regular channel viewers are wonderful know that I am very often in recipes using different concentrates speech yes broth concentrates for example lady beef goulash click and See if you have not seen or similar poultry concentrate or look in the video description link there will post once again I want to sharpen your attention
  • 00:30: This type of concentrate allows bring out your usual dishes to fundamentally different level of taste but judge for yourself imagine that you Drink tea with sugar beet or the same tea but with sugar there is a difference right and now I want you show cooking like concentrate from shells heads longu stinov here in this video if you missed and if you are interested click and see i cooked these crustaceans in the sauce dust dust and there promised to show where the descent to wear
  • 01:01: these very heads and shell and immediately I say to make a concentrate like this way you can from the shells for any lobster lobster crustacean shrimp even crayfish yes of course the taste will be in each case differ but it does not matter the more different concentrates will be your satchel the fridge the more varied dishes you can cook shorter enough talk let's get started first An important basis rather large cut into carrot celery onion don't wait for exact proportions and x can not be take on
  • 01:31: eye but where do you get exactly proportions if for example different varieties of carrots taste different yes even young carrots it differs from the old standard for such a broth take just such a set of vegetables the french by the way from the broth is called a disc add a little bit of olive oil and I'll start roasting about butter you can fry vegetables and dry and with oil it all depends on your taste addictions can dry you can fry a bit with butter little can be simmered with butter bring to the soft
  • 02:01: feed the result you can get either a smoke haze either caramel flavor sly carrot Sugar shorter create well here so here perhaps it will be enough now to add slightly grated tomatoes they too must be fried notice not tomato juice should be a little out loops absolutely no drink exactly sugar which is contained in the corridors must be fed for why not time watch watch vegetables here now just still a lot and and he little time sweating pan a little wooden shovel
  • 02:33: shuffle to caramel crafty sugars which the evening formed began to dissolve just such tomatoes are excellent right now You can already see that the juice has become less than an atom start in the heat vatsya see more a little bit more and now a little cunning it is at this stage that the vegetables need add some white dry wine or brandy why everything is very simple at the bottom pans now formed caramel a little more and it starts to burn
  • 03:04: adding to nick will not only add flavors and aromas of grape aromas future temple but allow this very caramel dissolve before it burns add a little bit and work with a spatula in the pot add shell and head you need to bring them to the red disk you can cook with their shells and removed
  • 03:36: do you want ready shrimp and lobster crayfish the like and raw is certainly better because if you cook without Spaniards heads already tentatively cooked shrimp that part tastes flavors they lost anyway fry them five to ten minutes time in this case depends on the quantity than the more of them the more time will go away and roasting will enhance their taste, see me they have already begun to blush so you can add vegetable fry and Immediately all diligently or stir smell goes very interesting here and shrimp
  • 04:09: 2 and grape cloth to well, it's time to add water a little but all of course you have to load this pile into being broth all bring to a boil diminish heat and leave sent weak boil for half an hour you need to wait to all the flavors and flavors of vegetables from heads of shell fell broth waiting an hour and a half has passed remains crushed handy thing these submersible blenders especially it is not necessary to try simply if
  • 04:40: don't break your head into dust Juice will stay well, so probably loves all that remains is to plant squeeze every drop so ready this broth unlike Emil So in aspic it will turn therefore, it is most convenient to freeze it for example in ice cakes and store in
  • 05:11: dice so about the use of the following roller expect cooking pasta with shrimps in a cream based sauce here this beska if you have a lot of this broth it turns out great creamy shrimp soup with a disc is obtained super ski resort and I showed you already the result is a mushroom here in this issue
  • 05:41: click and see if you missed if it is interesting to you so here is based on those same principles using this one broth it turns out absolutely awesome dish so next time all these friends beer drink shrimp eat head armor do not throw away thanks for all the company for now and and