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  • 00:00: or because I am running road for asked me to make a sausage taste eat sausage tones home paint sausage as simple as a home meat salad recipe it's time to think about just gonna cook
  • 00:30: I will show everything to the camera the gun is done and will make the lipstick and the garden let's see the total weight we have a half kilogram of meat We have 500 grams in the outback so fat we cut her cubes 500 grams of beef and 500 grams the paddle was cable and the blue paddle
  • 01:04: i skipped through the big bars on the grinder then divided it yes you can see drove in half left through the big boat that missed and Half I still have seven cases I studied this composition 3 breast now big shock and through small
  • 01:35: it's decided also collected our spices on lists means 20 grams per kilogram of salt salt salt Dmitry that is my case with 30 grams salt that is, 15 grams not colors 115 grams salt a mixture of peppers a little coriander pathos food 5 grams and a half kilograms Well, a classic nutmeg such
  • 02:07: composition now the price of the year well go and slices of garlic don't forget all lip see we fall asleep our spersy our meat In addition to our low-fat meat kneaded it there is a beef with a blue and then
  • 02:39: just put our chopped brisket still we interfere meat aroma wonderful vodka on cool thing turned out our sausage mince now we will cover choose the refrigerator by itself we meet again now we only have the roads tomorrow medals
  • 03:13: gates to about basil crazy with us appeared back don't be afraid about us any sausage you absolutely are right. they asked me to make sausage Scrub mask I already began to do and because the match it will do but deliver get a camera and out can't the whole process may you like it want to cook right yesterday
  • 03:44: and she laid down the meat prepare the meat and the case minced added spices all here is the treatment lead in the morning from the refrigerator smell wonderful so he's kind of like I did as a marinated I 'll show you a little later after it was yesterday we are with you today like a cube said yesterday I tell them according to the classics of the genre wet shell that is it urinated
  • 04:17: 4042 classic shell is being prepared Krakow sausage such packages for the sake of that is, if someone wants to cook in my recipe nothing i drive on the link i will leave below that is, the program specifically this a program that is more than fifteen hundred shopping for any store and can
  • 04:49: find buy and back you will get money on a certain part amount of money but thanks all and this the program will tell tank commune bodily General, go to the link here below look under the video to be coming see and very interesting program I buy everything there too it's audacity let's say on the scoreboard not give we will be distracted by her husband went that wang
  • 05:20: let's mix some mince now add on ice water and what else on interfere and we will fill our shell moonage syringe stuffed and killed now our shell little by little slowly to
  • 05:53: we are empty so we make our sausages crayfish and very tasty of it to me many senior store robot where buy such sleeping sausages people I repeat that kiss
  • 06:25: leave down the program where I buy all accessories more than one and a half thousand shops i.e. the series is very cool proven even recently say so here I live let's say Yaroslavl but recently did repair is simple there hammered straight axon point rules me kind of tortured I bought a shop through it a lot
  • 06:57: less material for it less teacher sour then still tag money back such here service Now we have filled our sausage or rather our sausage casing 40 42 Classics of the genre Krakow sausage our the coachman look here such circles or such a piece
  • 07:28: wonderful now we leave her on three hours in the kitchen at room temperature is our dispersion still well distributed 7 sausage dried start fermentation after that we will oven the oven put the pan with water on it pour it over here thats and we lay on grate our sausage and everything that is, the readiness of our sausage will be
  • 08:02: when the temperature reaches 70 degrees inside the sausage that is, I have a special thermometer who watches my videos there can see what the thermometer such a thermometer shows how much inside degrees sausage theme goes pike such controls here will show you not I'll bake to the oven
  • 08:33: will meet when it is already baked with you we already put on the sausage our smokehouse oven we have it was prepared was the oven it us 2:50 [music] Stella now to our 70 degrees and now we smoke it there we will not smoke it is ready and we
  • 09:05: pay just give it a smoked flavor that is, anyone who does not smokehouse can just put in the fridge let's say and tomorrow and now you can eat and us let us captain so we drove the world on the 25th to be enough and leave to cool well to cool down completely
  • 09:37: put the smell in perspective smoked friends for May smoked and all did it all left now chill put in the fridge and tomorrow we will start the most oral our tasting seeing as a fairy tale is not a shop
  • 10:11: let's meet tomorrow well friends we came to the final result of our labors and made trash for such wonderful sausage she smells just divine memory okay not going that is, caracas then according to homemade recipe simplified version now we will
  • 10:43: taste started friday friday and today resurrection try shortened compressed dates like this let's remember you a piece from everything we will start it smells very very cool because
  • 11:13: I dawn to rule but how about cool guys I'm all sorts of bugs along unless you show so comfortable
  • 11:46: [music] and very cool this masterpiece without exaggeration is a masterpiece Tatiana can be proud of such a sausage jester
  • 12:16: before your eyes we did yes no magic all on your yes is it ready Obama smoked taste like that
  • 12:54: Yes that's what i wanted to get stub what's the name of what you get great
  • 13:37: [music] how accuracy home sausage manager need do more love to say yes then it will very tasty ruler our grand cars while I would be 10 liters I would have a little more
  • 14:10: dried tasty like video Our Christmas tree by some tied very cool it delivered the same on
  • 14:40: 22 to you then I will say to this chip who wants do the job by blinking to the sand found white house or sausages and sordelki necessarily need to root on salt, salt and save you No tables you do not get who would you may say that this is a must if you do without nitrite salt
  • 15:15: meat patty for not long salt she red sells sausage flavor ham taste before this I go fishing watch the video by yourself Krakow sausage for some reason did not like never we like many probably this well did and imposed and straight broke in pieces so and or
  • 15:47: I need a bite somehow cities still cuisine nothing at all stick yes we will finish our video subscribe to the channel that there will be a lot of interesting things for all those
  • 16:17: singing about fishing will be but komatsu try the hook of the complicated here you let's pick ice before your eyes I want a video [music]