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  • 00:00: Hello everyone today, I want to cook for this we need so cottage cheese here kilogram butter 100 120 grams so 2 eggs I have already whipped them soda alone tea spoon so well and some seasonings I love cheese so that it was small with some seasoned there is salty so who doesn't like you can add so now
  • 00:33: put my marching tile again and show you what's next so all here I put the grill pan and add oil overheating here cheese or rather cottage cheese if you buy
  • 01:19: rustic fat then you need it first in boiled water boil out serum that is to say to offend him then filter through gauze and and here this mass has already been the same recipes in the same way we start prepare but I have curd me shop curd there for a long time all
  • 01:49: degrease so cook it will not Immediately let him pan down he was cut into pieces okay
  • 02:33: we will wait so okay cheese is almost melted add cottage cheese here add cottage cheese eggs need stir
  • 03:20: now stir until smooth butter eggs and cottage cheese and then add soda soda we need curds to start right away melted
  • 03:50: it is better to take a griddle with teflon coated to what if you take ordinary or some or some there the saucepan, then everything will arrive once tried and years we experience so here we add soda
  • 04:34: and mix after the ship was added immediately straight you can see how it starts to melt getting softer and not burnt
  • 05:15: stir continuously h
  • 05:46: for about five or seven minutes now I’m probably we mix it up becomes liquid so jelly or not jelly Well, in general, that's such an air probably I think that the process will take 7 minutes
  • 06:18: so here have achieved can such here such masses I think it will probably get closer to the circus we will see friendship in the end to a better way so and now add seasonings i
  • 06:54: add here are such a poultice such lead salt garlic herbs delicious who does not like may not add so salt just add add salt and I love this unusual was so here
  • 07:26: add a little pepper because here pepper do not know here such here disposable mills are very easy open heat up here now it here boiling water and this cap Slazit dry up without any problems pour there new spices there pepper there for me
  • 08:03: what you want and it closes easily and again it works it is not only called disposable so in general so here is all mixed so well and now we take small shapes into one big shape and they advised to fold take tins and we put all this shape like that
  • 08:33: put the molds in the refrigerator to cool and harden see what happens next nothing guys passed here about us hours Probably 3 came here from work and what we see here is such a he turned
  • 09:03: stuck here please hard one Now I pulled it out now I'm alone a plate like this is cut like this like ordinary cheese we have bread such Here we pack sandwiches
  • 09:35: I think it turned out great breakfast on the morning here are such sandwiches with cheese here here and the greens I have that whether paprika here in my pepper well in general such a yummy turned out but all who will try all bon appetite bye everyone