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Варенье из Мяты Необычная заварка для мятного чая - YouTube  See details »



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  • 00:00: hello today i want to show you the recipe is not quite ordinary jam from mint it's not even so much jam clean conditional so much as tea leaves for tea that is, I am jam as such not currencies just pouring mint leaves boiling syrup and under its influence the leaves instantly get bored and get able
  • 00:30: dried leaves just today however, the juice is in the leaves plants sealed with boiling syrup and when they pour boiling water the taste and aroma of the drink is obtained simply delicious who have no problem with overweight syrup can be cooked from regular sugar well i will use fructose
  • 01:00: that's the output that it should turn out let's start cooking I separated the leaves from the stalks and now tightly tamp them in a jar the fructose with water is brought to the boil
  • 01:34: freed temperature to a minimum add lemon and boil for 20 minutes lemon shift in the jar and the syrup is just a little tint
  • 02:10: food coloring and immediately pour it into the jar and twist the lid here is emerald jam turned out
  • 02:40: it is intended for winter and it is still far away during this time syrup battered tasteful and fragrant soft and this will be truly a magical brew of all you the best