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  • 00:00: Good afternoon, everyone, my name is Olga. I'm glad welcome on our channel 1 for well Today I will tell you how to cook fermented mint tea summer is not only flowers and fruits vegetables but also a mass of fragrant herbs and leaves who are just asking for a kettle for brewing but to keep herbal tea maximum taste and good it's not enough just to dry here
  • 00:30: need more complicated technique fermentation though mint is good preserves the taste and aroma of the usual drying but losing its tea attractiveness let's say so marketable view and so master the art of art homemade fermentation mint I have thoroughly washed after collection although this step is optional Well, then everything in order, I will tell 4
  • 01:02: stages that are simply required for order to hold correctly fermenting any tea process certainly simple but it can take a few days because it's done several stages the first stage is wilted you for this scatter a smooth surface no thicker than 5 centimeters our harvest and we keep in the shade about 12
  • 01:33: o'clock it is important that the leaves do not fall straight sunshine because you can't to allow drying for this we periodically stir leaves and here is our master mint helper favorite cat nafan ukushka ear the job hurt him floor is necessary from morning to evening now stir mint by drying get rid of excess moisture leaves it
  • 02:06: will allow further high quality fermentation well certified sheet better twisted it makes tea better than ned dried and if you do not have such an assistant the spell of mint like a cat Nathan or you just do not have time to follow the whole process can be a small layer or sausage put all the plants in cotton
  • 02:36: or linen fabric check end wyali not this when tightly compressed pile of certified leaves fist lump don't fall apart and no characteristic crunch of fresh leaves the next stage of fermentation this is twisting or granulating the stage at which the leaves curl manually in small sausages or balls until they get dark
  • 03:06: or mince that is we get granules there is also a third way freezing leaves but i will use the second way is granulation i I pass the leaves through a meat grinder And I take a lattice with large I give holes periodically grinders ast and since she is fast heats up when grinding dried leaves this method is considered more
  • 03:37: easy especially if you harvest tea in large quantities on this video is very clearly shows how the pellets come out of meat grinders are dark brown next mint leaves for dried yet not minced then go to the main stage this stage fermentation at this stage the main thing comply with the conditions is sufficient
  • 04:08: the fermented mass temperature and humidity i place my cooked granules in enamelled deep dishes distributing all the raw materials not thicker 5 centimeters then harbor wet cotton cloth and leaving at 6 12 hours in a warm place, ideally if the temperature is about 24 degrees and not above 27 degrees
  • 04:39: changing the aromas of raw materials from grassy on fruit and flower says that fermentation completed it is important not to overheat the raw materials and not overdo it otherwise homemade tea will turn say so generally St. Petersburg then the final stage of remounting is drying it depends on the color and aroma of tea everything is sliced ​​but in my present case
  • 05:09: it's twisted raw minced I lay on a baking sheet a layer of about 1 cm and land at temperature 80 100 degrees Celsius about an hour with proper drying my tea and it turns black very strong and with intense aroma if tea is dried correctly then cuttings when pressing
  • 05:40: break down they crumble into dust mint stems and which remained unused during fermentation mint, I also did not throw them away, I just cut with scissors and dried and these are fermented mint balls which I prepared the previous time by hand-rolling mint leaves ready tea keeps its best properties
  • 06:12: glass jars under tight plastic covers with proper storage taste of the drink only fully open in a month over time, useful properties herbal tea will only improve likewise i cook fermented tea from fireweed from wild and fruit trees but this is already in the next releases and now you successful blanks subscribe to channel 1 country and be healthy