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  • 00:00: probably knows about the beneficial properties of mint each is an aromatic herb with a big menthol content is used as in medicine and in cooking and cosmetology but unfortunately fresh grass is available only in the summer so now is the time parse the most popular ways of storing it to enjoy her tastes in winter right away I note that mint is most useful in the middle of summer so exactly in this
  • 00:30: period concentration of essential oils in leaves and stems as little as possible later grass growth slows down plants throws all the power to the formation of inflorescences and in such a flowering mint amount nutrients much lower therefore the right time to collect the mint harvest this is before the flowering itself while the stem must be cut but not cut off how breaking off can damage a plant and cut better by about a third of the length
  • 01:02: thus cut the plant to fall may regain and give another crop and so if we you need to keep the mint fresh short period, then as an option its stems can put in a container of water so she stand fresh a few days and if again and once a day to change the water for fresh then even longer well, if we need save mint for the winter then without
  • 01:33: the refrigerator here is not enough always after its grass washed be sure to dry or too wet it can just rot for this we need plastic container or just a package with a zipper zip lock put weed into it and pre releasing air out of the bag close and put in the fridge when this way green is kept fresh
  • 02:03: about a week but that the meat was kept so long enough for her to next harvest then she can be frozen so she can stored at least six months or even new crop generally freezing is the easiest and a useful way to procure any products and plus to this in products all nutrients are preserved and vitamins for this i pre I wash the greens dry I spread it entirely in a plastic bag and
  • 02:35: send in the freezer or you can chop prepared greens put in a bag or foil and to freeze [music] another popular way to save this fragrant weed is freezing and ice packs for this I leaves I cut it off beforehand in each
  • 03:06: 2-3 poured cell by boiled but already cooled water and freeze or you can grind mint in mush with using a blender add to the filled
  • 03:37: up to the grass bucket a couple glasses of water beat the mixture until homogeneous masses and also packaged in tins for the subsequent freezing such ice in can be used as in tea so for making drinks cocktails and desserts and finally one more probably the most popular way preservation of greens is drying for this grass needs to be cut off rinsed and lightly
  • 04:07: dry then collect it in bundles tie a strong thread and hang in dry and dark room but to protect them from insects and dust they can be covered with marley in one layer after about a week when the grass dry the leaves are separated from the stems and grind them but to dry leaves separately from the stem need place the leaves evenly on the net a sheet of paper and just as well hold them
  • 04:38: in a dark and dry room periodically stirring to thereby prevent when not store the same dried mint can be as in glass jars and linen bags it is also added hot and soups or meat by the way for tea line dry leaves better to leave whole without chopping them and if you want to dry them for tonic baths then you can
  • 05:08: use even whole dry stalks thanks for watching put your finger up and subscribe to our channel