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Супер быстрый способ укоренения черенков. Размножение винограда черенками в домашних условиях

Супер быстрый способ укоренения черенков. Размножение винограда черенками в домашних условиях  See details »



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  • 00:00: good afternoon dear friends and viewers channel your cottage with you tatyana shoemakovo i'm glad greet you on your channel and Today I will tell you about a very fast grape breeding method I already several years showing you in detail telling me how I start mine vineyard that is, part of the varieties I write and part I breed already liked and do not take with friends we exchange in this way
  • 00:30: it is not only cheaper but also profitable so that you can try the berry and make sure that this variety is suitable Every year I planted a drunk gene grow up very strong good seedlings planted the beginning of February in big bottles big volumes but every year I land more and more and the area is the same in this year I decided
  • 01:02: grow it differently and here are the varieties which I need which did not order Now sur least I do not like prepared from the fall cuttings are not in principle varieties are not important now i will tell mine Well the way just list what Shaheen Iranian Victor sensation raisin Now the name I do not remember it all we procured with autumn put cold basement and got me cherenochki signed
  • 01:34: we have them here such bags sealed not in the basement there crying does not fall either when soaking, I'll show later they lay until mid- March baf second the middle of March I chewed water that is, I had cuttings here one court so I did not plant changed my mind plant it like this were cut chibouks so to speak and
  • 02:04: some were not sliced ​​for their whips soaked cut on two or three buds and put in root the recipe that is there for 6 12 hours I put how well at what time alluring further clearly as you can see planted her cups cups 200 gram even 180 milliliters of land is like
  • 02:35: not enough for grapes but since landing late firebox at this time enough room to develop the roots of us the main thing when landing is not to fell apart badly land like me planted my grapes one pack I buried the ground and left above one two where how was looking but
  • 03:05: how far apart are different varieties grow differently in my soil garden land plus peat plus sand all one to one and here grapes like this proportion always add a single dining room deposit spoon per liter of soil is always when we the roots of grapes must remember that not
  • 03:35: all one hundred percent that's hot dry air rooted cuttings in conditions precisely apartments so they need to be taken in reserve so here to quickly form the spine here Now the first of April and I for sure won't say march 17th or 18th after minutes for I put the tips on the battery
  • 04:05: not a single plant that I grow I can not put on the battery I planted doses and put the car right on the battery grapes so heat-loving that to him it is just a joy it is growing southern countries is good but a little keep microclimate here i am in no way covered with plenochka need to make a full greenhouse as grapes prone to all sorts of fungal diseases and these twigs can go and then dry out because it is
  • 04:37: the greenhouse effect gives moisture gives growth with a leaf is our task to first grown roots but that's exactly the bottom heating battery gave the opportunity to develop and root unfortunately so anchik and opaque I can not show but so quickly for two weeks here are such elastic twigs grown maybe they won't all survive but
  • 05:07: I have plenty of this so you can use such a quick method I forgot to remind you that funds are required we fill with paraffin to not excess moisture evaporated so that it he went into the budding with all this landing you need to very carefully monitor moisture if it dries out early stages
  • 05:38: then y to the grids we will not get maybe we get this leaflet can even from to dry still wanted to use you hesitate to tell even more simple breeding method when your chubukov lie in the basement in basement to heat and when appears heat you throw in some kind of barrel right my father was in my garden grapes never grown not the glasses are not bottled it immediately
  • 06:08: river sticks threw some water into the warm a barrel and waited for it to take root with powerful roots in the water of the kidney not swell and it's good green growing but develops very well in warm water spine immediately planted in place broke a vineyard there still he needs it too very good fast
  • 06:38: way but I somehow wanted to make sure what are my cherenochki are ready now here they are let out flowers so it happens on the verge knowledge that is released. some No flowers desirable when she already the brush is growing up then it is a little bit but it is already possible to pinch off so it is not necessary to pinch off we will damage they want kidney grapes not scary to harm
  • 07:08: because so many kidney replacements and they will fit new grow next nubira Well, that's the principle so fast and economical way since I now get on 20 cuttings in such a small container small glasses and in fine up the landing will fill the roots capacity propagate and grapes yourself it's easy to stay our channel
  • 07:39: We will continue to share our new products to new meetings