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  • 00:00: [music] outside these ones [music] dear friends today i want you to show
  • 00:30: not dishes but some thing that is very useful in the kitchen it is called beet kvass they do not drink it is not a brew that they drink and so you which is used for cooking a meal here look what u I will eat now I will not do anything chop you all understand look in this bowl on are slices with a fork it is peeled and sliced ​​just as here 2 are not that big sweetly and look here there is such a very beautiful intense color fat and here
  • 01:01: there are such pieces of foam you can see that this is foam yes here it is beet kvass how i did it yes very simple just peeled beets cut into slices and call to cold water and set to warm place and forgot about it for four days 45 days sugar comes out of reduced color yeast goes from water into beet from the air fermentation begins here called with easy in and you repeat it did not drink to see what to do with it
  • 01:32: absolute life hachik I filter it I won't do it now and then pounding bags with dispenser for ice and freeze ours they lie there forever and that's when I cook borsch and at the end cooking borsch add a couple if breathes this beet kvass color suicidal cheeks spread themselves in front a date fabulously works for men that women are essentially paint it acidification generally speaking there are versions borscht
  • 02:02: which are prepared on the basis of such beet kvass that is, we say meat broth he adds a lot of this beet kvass and then boiled power it acquires a very unique taste and currency itself sour borscht beet kvass is extremely good days preserves color because this brew is not able to lose color we all know the flaw barcha when it is heated while cooking beetroot begins to lose color here this paint and by the way workers say kabakov restaurants
  • 02:32: when we are ordered by r im a portion of borsch guests we rome him I always recommended the order I recommend to take one ice from bag of this cool class and when warming portions add to plate savory taste and gorgeous will be light will always be consistently the same liquor by the way why is the house so do not do, too, cook borscht for 45 For example, there is no need for days in our country. it's customary to cook soup for 1 day so you get ice from the freezer and warm the peasant himself borsch you him ice
  • 03:03: tell him nothing talk what I am a good woman that is, see what greater summer is always the same color and always stable taste On crap I will throw such a woman in 40 years put but I will tell about it in separate gear subscribe to the channel put put likes not forget the phone cahit yourself for bells and of course Krusty himself cheeks always beetroot class [music] this is how we work quickly and efficiently
  • 03:43: [music] rear kayaba true palestine medals I do n't want to say goodbye to you passed soon but you are probably not spam Lenin's conclusions
  • 04:16: can be attributed more and in simple words and suffer and Leningrad longing not and I still meet you Leningrad family and friends [music]