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  • 00:00: hi to me, do something a little bit to me I finished eating too late culinary video today we will do pie and the whole curd with apple this recipe seven years ago I didn’t know much liked This is for those who follow their diet. trying to lose weight you who like to bake this type I may be too many there is therefore there is no sugar fat is not flour on the cake is obtained very delicious means started
  • 00:31: a pack of cottage cheese knead fork cottage cheese you can take to whom you are used to one percent three percent fat free you can life some nothing in this is not terrible here 2 eggs and a pinch inside a teaspoon of baking soda do not it is necessary because our cottage cheese goes sour milk it all stir Whisk who is more comfortable as a mixture
  • 01:01: add a glass of hercules for q years i take the one you need to cook 15-20 minutes, he is very good in baking, as it were gives its structure one that quickly brewer do not take take here who long to catch the inside connect with god that's hercules connect the city let him stand a few minutes to Hercules slightly swollen at this time
  • 01:31: let's deal with apples will clean turn on the oven 180 degrees [music] so one apple we crumble small apple slices it the dough will go as we have in the recipe sugar but we love something sweet
  • 02:03: an apple will give us sweetness so this is dough and cut the second apple into slices and we will decorate the top of the pie my daughter like this [music] so here is our mix to the level and hercules we connect an apple [music]
  • 02:37: paper form video for baking adoring photo paper is not necessary then form wash grease something and we put this mixture in the form [music] and laying apples on top
  • 03:20: [music] [applause] [music] fill the cake so no end of hill [applause] [music] put our cake in the oven when
  • 03:58: temperature of 180 degrees for 30 minutes [music] Here is such a beautiful cake so already she a little faris him abandoned eared and then take out of the form [music]
  • 04:28: so a little bit on the shelves about the farm for packs all here is such a handsome pie with us turned out now we will cut it [music] look flour and looks like
  • 04:58: cook with flour is very tasty and even will be sweet at the expense of apples advise you cook try and can praise me and go to my channel share your friends like thank you very much for watching bye