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  • 00:00: Hello everyone, I'm glad you looked in small in my kitchen today I will cook sand cake the filling will be from cottage cheese and jim strawberry spread out what we need for a pack of butter melted 200 grams why I think it's a bit too much or I already lost the habit of cooking for so many fat don't know okay let it be there will be a prescription sugar so sugar means 100 grams here goes we use here such style
  • 00:31: I mean, I'll put two of these here. spoons small one small spoon replaces 2 teaspoons since we don’t sugar we are going in general as well as 100 grams so one egg and half a pack of baking powder all the basis for the test we guys do very very simple just so from those
  • 01:07: There was always food in my house there is here well grams 300 400 I do not know how many here goes but 300 grams is written 300 I now opened my classmates I have this cake too first time and it says 300 means 300 generally we mix good shortbread
  • 01:39: dough and really it took here 300 I went down a gram I weighed at first curtain how much was not now how much I took 300 grams it will not it is soft but so loose it is shortbread dough it in a bunch you do not collect so let She will rest for a while at our place make the stuffing as stuffing we need two packs of cottage cheese
  • 02:09: sugar is also 100 grams but I will put four teaspoons is enough because we there will still be sweet jam in the pie here strawberry and two tablespoons decoys for fastening cheese I have 7 percent I never schA from Nibiru skim not always all foods dairy fat
  • 02:40: low-fat gave me their time very unpleasant consequences for my the body somehow I'll tell you about it all who are interested 40 mix and it will be our filling dry stuffing rifle add here sour cream a little bit two spoons so we everything is ready to send to collect
  • 03:15: take this pie 2 3 one-third test reserve and distribute according to the form I did not put baking paper here thought to nothing because we have dough consists of almost one fat here so we distributed all the dough rovnenko Spread curd and too rovnenko distribute here I will probably do too
  • 03:47: hand so now on the cottage cheese laid out Jim here can either be at least apricot peach currant course though raspberry which one is at my hand strawberry mean salmon and strawberry also distribute constantly for some reason want something sweet can't we without sweet, I certainly want on this topic one talk here chatted ochku so interesting can be
  • 04:18: somehow get together like this from jim us I am enough and we will just cut it up the rest of the test his idea could be and freeze and grated and then grate but you know the mesh ever feel like it everything is slow we just crumble him will be blurred kasing
  • 04:49: here somehow as though we are painting to here specifically does everything and we put it already beauty on 30 minutes 180 degrees to ruddy golden brown well see for yourself when the top is beautiful means everything the implication itself was prepared here below a little bit and on top a little dough in
  • 05:19: mostly cottage cheese here and put in the oven Here is a pie with us turned out I had 25 minutes in the oven here such a miracle is beautiful now a little bit cool and we have it take out of the form of paper by the way did not put I thought as well as I will take it out got used to dub goat barrels you well Come somehow pull out of it from there
  • 05:49: I took out my pie storm it already completely cold it is cold nowhere not all stuck perfectly father immediately great oh what kind of a miracle is it homemade baking how cool is that I used to cook very, very much now there already
  • 06:21: exception to the rule is my husband and I already called pamper yourself yummy shops we have long been nothing don't buy it like this everything looks like oh how cool is that how is it tasty here what are pie us
  • 06:56: Yes, I try and say mother dear language can be ironed and so times two three four four times for tea have a drink with husband pur
  • 07:31: okay, I have such filth in the frame turned crust oh how tasty girls really advise It turned out very, very tasty I thought there will be a strong base fat no ok really pesochin such dough
  • 08:03: crumbly delicious so cook if someone liked the recipe share your friends like enjoy your meal and new ones meeting