Готовый борщ и рассольник в морозилку. Заготовки на зиму.  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello, I'm already finishing blanks just here at this moment when I start the pack I for some reason we thought their viewers were what if somebody doesn't know something about me today made preparation for soup and pickle and since I already have everything cans clogged the whole refrigerator which under the blanks I’m already busy I started freezing i do it like this every year so this is not the first time
  • 00:30: just never showed no told and here I look what about it I must say I did not tell the recipe of course I wasn't going to do it here for some reason I thought that I I'll tell you what I dressing for soups and borscht not only do in the bank but also I freeze the bra zimnike take a package and here I already have one pot
  • 01:01: laid out then ran behind the camera to show you I do here for example, I have prepared borsch oil dressing here onions carrots beet tomato and tomato paste even there is no salt because it is freezing in equal proportions, no recipes here no recommendations who are used to do mind i just take in equal proportions here and then I laid out for
  • 01:31: packages like this I immediately put a conscience in portions Here I have just 3 3 here such full spoons here it will be 1 more we can we live together a lot do not cook therefore on one borsch is quite quite enough
  • 02:05: enough doing always like this so flat and in fridge-freezer I put everything too so that they were me tyutya tyutyu to not so big bag as usual do it if anyone It is making raw in finished form but the raw form is also laying out everything very bad for me to have everything
  • 02:35: every centimeter was busy warming up and then in winter there is already myasko to start who in the potato brings down the potato we without potatoes we cook it here refill already ready no need to lay no need to cut pasteurize do something raw I've been doing this already lately
  • 03:06: ready and ready so here I have pickle pickle here also means carrot onion tomato pickled cucumber pearl barley and tomato paste it all preparing to stew in vegetable oil also no recipes no proportions
  • 03:36: I prepare individual barley for me it is cooked carcass vegetables separately when I cooked everything and connect packs in the same way I lay it all a little hot the pickle is still hot a little bit later I will also decompose packages that's all I wanted say now everything is already going to decompose
  • 04:08: and I'll show you how it all looks. that's all laid out and we are already very dark here the motion sensor turns on it is already late tonight got cold all I had basins like so I It turned out here counted 9 packages there are 918 borscht from me
  • 04:38: eyes I thought them and we will not eat these 6 here and there made me twelve this is enough for the eyes no more well all on this i finish thanks for that once again listened to me if anyone liked the idea take on arms do cook pack now in freezer in almost every family already eat before we all made up in the subfield
  • 05:08: and now in the freezer that was not included the fridge then in the freezer is this cute I am not here dealing Salts again not repeat I do not do anything else just later add to soups already in ready broth and all well all thanks again for watching and listened to new meetings