Свинина в КИСЛО - СЛАДКОМ соусе 🐷 Sweet and Sour Pork recipe ○ Ирина Кукинг  See details »

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  • 00:00: hello my dear today I suggest to cook pork in sweet and sour sauce actually sweet and sour mass today prepare the so -called classic option and i will need the following foods or pork here I have 400 grams 1 sweet pepper 1 medium carrot one large clove of garlic piece ginger small about a centimeter thick You can take a half of hot pepper whole for sauce 4 tablespoons of soy
  • 00:31: sauce two tablespoons of vinegar can take rice apple wine to me balsamic 2 tablespoons without top brown sugar or honey 2 teaspoons of potato starch 1 teaspoon Dijon mustard you can usually take or do at all without it, and about a third cup of water [music] meat should be washed free of excess films and cut across the fibers and
  • 01:03: first as chops centimeter thick pieces now their need to fight off to a very long state if you have a pork tenderloin, you can’t beat off and now all the meat we cut thin straws like this pour 1 tablespoon of soy into the meat the sauce of the total amount a little bit to literally lubricate the meat i leave it to stand while cut the rest of the vegetables everything else I also cut
  • 01:33: thin straws sweet pepper and here are three pepper if you want more than titmouse leave if you want little things clean carrots with ginger and garlic can do in two ways either finely them chop up or if you don't like pieces ginger in the blues when to cut large so that later easy to choose further make the sauce pour out the remnants of your sun vinegar mustard sugar and half starch and all
  • 02:05: mix it here add water while set aside the remaining starch add meat and mix well and also while leave now take the deep the pan is well heated add a couple of tablespoons vegetable oil add carrots and on high heat I fry for a minute and a half add sweet and hot peppers and fry another minute and a half
  • 02:35: heat does not diminish roasted vegetables rented from the pan add a tablespoon of oil and quickly within 20-30 seconds to fry on it garlic and ginger if you are not garlic pieces i don't like people then i already I was soaring his big fry and clean at this stage Well, he does not bother me therefore I I continue to spread the meat and not reducing heating fry it with constant stirring fry
  • 03:06: it needs literally 3-4 minutes after This return to the meat vegetables heating do an average and fry together another 3 minutes now add sauce to meat before adding it well again stir to raise the starch from the bottom let the sauce boil and warm up everything products place a couple of minutes and on this pork in sweet and sour sauce is ready classic side dish for such meat Of course, rez, but in fact you
  • 03:36: can eat it with any side dish which do you like this pork in sweet and sour sauce I got and you will certainly succeed cook a dish simple but very delicious wish you bon appetite thank you for watching and wish success in all your endeavors to new meetings yet bye [music] [music]