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Рецепт ЛИМОННОГО зефира ПОШАГОВЫЙ и ПОДРОБНЫЙ рецепт приготовления ЗЕФИРА в домашних условиях

Рецепт ЛИМОННОГО зефира ПОШАГОВЫЙ и ПОДРОБНЫЙ рецепт приготовления ЗЕФИРА в домашних условиях  See details »

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  • 00:00: [music] hello everyone with you and smooth and channel cooking with love today I cooked very tasty marshmallow lemon well done son want to try to choose the angles Zafer very gentle with a light natural
  • 00:30: sour fragrant children adore him delicious look baby like us with My husband also liked even vikulya which year 4 months also ate with pleasure this zafer natural home cook on Health I want to add a few words about apple sauce I took five fresh green apples did not peel
  • 01:01: cut into slices and baked in the oven then shuddered through a sieve and now I boil down at all I never applesauce do not boil down but since in this recipe I will use lemon mash not u boiled so applesauce as much as possible to dismiss so that it becomes thicker literally 3-4 minutes for lemon marshmallow we will need the following
  • 01:31: products 220 grams of applesauce 100 grams of sugar 30 grams of lemon mashed potatoes and 40 grams of egg white for syrup on there will be the following products 150 milliliters water 300 grams of sugar one hundred grams new glucose syrup and 10 of agar in I got aga radar 1200 and I brane confectionery shop also us
  • 02:02: need lemon zest 1 removed the zest from one lemon now cut the lemon and cut the flesh here who both convenient white skin do not need only we need the pulp like this here bones also remove if plenochki a little bit will be okay
  • 02:33: Now we mix applesauce with a bowl look it thick with me I hit soars enough 5 apples add sugar add lemon on the plot just the flesh of perihelion beeline gifts all stirred with sugar warmed microwaves need to sugar completely melted sugar melted but mashed need to cool until
  • 03:05: room temperature mix sugar with agar-agar so he evenly distributed sugar so mixed now pour 150 milliliters of water under a normal room temperature and add glucose syrup if you have no glucose new syrup replace it
  • 03:35: plain sugar but then the shelf life of zafira will be three days and so up to a week and more Glucose syrup delivers so good structure zafera therefore bought and add syrup set cook on the fire I cook on medium heat as soon as our syrup boils we mark time syrup is cooked 8 minutes constantly
  • 04:08: stirring initially will be strong foam and at the same time we start whip protein mash first on small turns and then we increase the speed syrup need to cook up to 110 degrees i cooked 8 minutes check need turn off fire do not forget to stir constantly Now I have already turned off one minute
  • 04:40: see but still it is necessary to boil wait for the syrup to cool off just one minute and we will pour in whipped mashed potatoes here look this mashed potatoes with protein see what structure I still want show you tightly i'm showing everything nuances on how many questions afterwards after video on small
  • 05:12: it's him from 3 years and start pouring it in [laugh] look
  • 05:48: turn off why for a long time do not knock so as agar-agar it does not work very quickly when it cools us mass can be so thick that we won't be able to squeeze it out pastry bag so I added lemon zest add a little yellow gel dye my kids they love eyes so I want to make a gift for them
  • 06:18: such a bright zafer and one more minute mix it up the most prepares confection bag nozzles everything must be ready [music] zephyr mass ready to work fast take the nozzle 1m velcom is one of my professional I have not a lot of tips now we lay out a zephyr mass in
  • 06:49: pastry bag and all the time you remind when cooling oil is getting faster and faster get down to work i will tell you beautifully marshmallow is a matter of practice once you will make ten and already learn me like to taste this lemon wi-fi not sweet with a slight sourness try it fragrantly
  • 07:21: sowing coffee he is perfect nothing swims keeps its shape now try to do the same nozzle heart zafer form hearts first damn lump now try second and the fourth heart do interesting
  • 07:57: will be and now that we have higher air here are 2 slides was for try to make such a form surprise my family with me last portion of zafira we put it on a silicone mat this is my favorite shape i love marshmallow make such asterisks to me they seem
  • 08:28: beautiful and most importantly quickly squeezed and all just see how much I have beauty on the table now marshmallow should dry out at room temperature from 10 to 12 hours and you can serve him to the table all good preparation and good mood and so passed 12 hours now look at the result of our work
  • 08:58: attention broke with parchment paper look here our hearts are taken pairwise glue here see what u us volume heart is obtained really nice zafer does not stick to the hands but still say a little bit so are there any sticky secrets your hands are clean and here for this purpose here that this stickiness is not
  • 09:28: was easy we envelop our marshmallows corn mixture is very important corn starch and powdered sugar take an equal amount then look shake off zafer literally some milligrams and we still have starch and powdered sugar but such a marshmallow is obtained in the result you know it happens ideas come while cooking and now I wanted to make a marshmallow form
  • 09:59: heart now take other forms of marshmallows connect with each other like this glue and wrap the sugar mixture powdered and cornstarch now shake off look what a beautiful zafer we have This is the result of my work I wanted to show you this marshmallow
  • 10:31: bottom that i take off he doesn't stick again want you show don't stick to my hands i don't sprinkled with powdered sugar and starch further cut the marshmallows to show you structure inside see now I will break everything to you show in detail and tell see what did I get a great marshmallow with
  • 11:03: natural lemon sour lemon flavored marshmallow taster studio ready sample get well take any please Kush and what's delicious before there is nothing like homemade marshmallow
  • 11:34: please your children and your whole family only delicious homemade food is the most useful and one hundred percent natural and subscribe to my channel put likes and with you was aero and vladik and channel cooking with love for new meetings bye until