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  • 00:00: hello everyone today we have a very actual and difficult topic of the game it looks like sagging excess skin the bottom of the face is actually skin there is nothing to do with education associated with a variety of factor going on skull deformity zygomatic arch falls and shifts to the center chewing muscle that attaches to zygomatic arch shortens and jaw purses up muscle depressor and pulling the corners of the lips
  • 00:31: down and tense pays but it all reinforces with incorrect posture and tension in cervical thoracic clips that break lymph flow and blood flow swelling appears which aggravate the situation by increasing expressiveness of jump we will add here professional conditions activities of the girl who during workflow face constantly tilted down have disorders in tissue attack liquids facial tissue weighted swelling
  • 01:03: sliding down subject to the laws of gravity this problem requires an integrated approach and we need to understand what will be corrective action algorithm Firstly, this posture correction and removal tension lice massage aponeurosis is very important it increases blood circulation and improves the plasticity of the bones of the skull preventing it from drying out then we get rid of edemas we pump ours
  • 01:34: supraclavicular ear nodes and squeeze our face from cherry liquid all these sets of techniques and exercises I showed mind earlier the first series of our series go to the central part of our faces apply face detection from sculptural massage for this to us will need quite a bit of oil or cream elbow steel on a flat surface
  • 02:04: lower our face so that zygomatic bone lay on the middle of the base palm fix this position on a few seconds then change the angle palms and our palms glide over the rock howl bone and the head goes down under its own weight repeat [music]
  • 02:47: move the masticatory muscles daily and family stress affairs and some troubles may be the cause of chewing hypertonus muscle and try to notice what situations you involuntarily squeeze jaws noticing this try them to relax it’s enough to open your mouth 20 time then gently massage the chewable
  • 03:24: muscles to feel them close your teeth and together tension in circular motions massage this muscle the mouth is slightly open next admission to relax the masticatory muscles slightly similar to the previous one base of the palm on the whiskey a little bit pull them up and open and
  • 03:57: close your mouth if you listen to your feelings you will feel like your palms shifts up the temporal muscle and feel its reduction this reception except relaxing the chewing muscles provide us and top lifting faces the next reception is familiar to you from the earliest video grab the chewing muscle in
  • 04:27: fold in the zygomatic bone and were starting roll the crease over the entire length chewing muscles and coming back [music] repeat this three times when chewed muscles and abdominal muscles and are in hypertonus
  • 04:57: well cheek muscle and cheekbone glory tissue our face slips down a bag in the pants so do the reception on strengthening the zygomatic muscles and relaxing Depression is a very important point admission to strengthening the zygomatic muscles we do when they are in hypotone when they are tense we have to relax get lips behind teeth and smile the corners of the lips up in cheekbones
  • 05:28: while fixing our cheeks from possible hall [music] go to the muscles of depression which pull our corners of the lips down apply eral acceptance of the intro massage link to this massage in the description of this video then put our fingers together
  • 05:58: fixing the muscles of the press raw and open the mouth and our fingers are moving up the muscles as if lengthening [music] next reception and sculptural massage for smoothing he is not the lower jaw we lay our Based on the middle chin
  • 06:30: fix this position on a few seconds then changing the angle of the palm found a house moves interest but the letter and then by sides and the weirdest turn on repeat at 1 go to the second side
  • 07:14: [music] [music] [music] this technique and also perform by some butter or cream and finally relax our pay
  • 07:46: which draws on the excess formed on a stone and so girls today we disassembled our faces as an oval highly dependent on all our structures face bone and muscle and this complex with the right approach will help you solve such a problem frames if this video was helpful to you subscribe to our channel put recommend friends to friends in the comments write to which zone you would like to work