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  • 00:00: uta no sono posture intense traction tones back muscles hips and calms the mind this is not a pose the simplest but one of the main you need to master this exercise has a lot of useful enough to do it every day for 1 a minute and your body will thank you interesting then subscribe to the channel go every month we choose the most active subscribers and give them thousands of rubles all
  • 00:30: you need to leave more comments and likes on luck congratulations previous winners contact us through VKontakte group use stretches the spine cures abdominal pain and relieves menstrual pain stimulates work kidney liver and spleen health of the spinal nerves frees tass calf muscles back of thighs will call us it also improves digestion
  • 01:02: relieves depression I think you are no longer eager to learn the right technique fulfillment execution technique step 1 become tadasana hands on hips exhale and begin to lean forward starting tilt from on over the hip joints they give away when you lean at the same time actively pull forward parts of the torso straight from the groin area when try to slope
  • 01:32: lengthen the body and not curl step 2 when you leaned as far as maybe for you place your palms or fingertips on the floor is slightly ahead either at the edges of the feet or if it allows stretch your palm over your heels or embrace them ankle joints if impossible to cross your forearm and hold your elbows let your hands hanging under its own weight step 3 relax your neck let your head located in a free position and
  • 02:04: pulls down under its own weight step 4 inhale carefully lift head trying to see how you can above straighten your arms and at the same time straighten your shoulders flex your back pulling your chest forward fingers should be fixed on the exhale you pull in the stomach to gain a deeper fold move torso a little lower to legs back to starting position asanas
  • 02:34: lay down stay in asana from 30 seconds to 1 minute then we can used as a rest asana between posture standing Like if you succeeded a little bit contraindications high and low blood pressure violation of blood supply to the head lower back and knees as well as pregnancy write in the comments what poses from yoga
  • 03:04: We still have to disassemble and subscribe if you are not yet signed like good mood see you soon [music]