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Рассольник по Похлёбкину (С репой и потрошками)  See details »

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  • 00:00: as Vysotsky once said now hot pot will give powder and that's what we're going to do now Hello, my name is Kook and you are watching channel i can't cook today we prepare the very hot soup yes with giblets namely we cook
  • 00:31: today will be the centurion prescription william pohlebkin who for me is unquestioned authority in Russian cuisine issue list of products you will need for this soup find as usual below in the description for videos are also in my group VKontakte Well, let's get started to start take a big pot pour in there three liters of water and put it on fire let boil meanwhile take
  • 01:02: thoroughly washed chicken offal and let's cut not gutted chicken now buy hard enough so help buy separately chicken liver and heart and ventricles we cut them without sticking to some strict form is simply not very which will be conveniently in large pieces eat with a spoon so large should be chopped on trails take chicken
  • 01:33: heart cut in half and stick about this size after you chop chicken giblets wash them again naturally Cold water is water in time for this moment skipped and we will load the giblets of boiling water into difference from the usual broth in boiling water neatly unload offal in pan if you have chicken or chick may well add a beat bring to a boil on maximum heat
  • 02:07: after which we reduce the fire and continue cook for about an hour to actively boiling soup did not interfere with us talk I put on a big let him boil we will do the next ingredient of peppa peppa yes the same rare that babe with grandma pulled up not pulled out a common turnip free around and clean if the nut is young and
  • 02:37: beautiful how it sharpen green Gref's Min General is one of underlying products of this Russian cuisine and in general, while not delivered to Russia almost all the potatoes now cooked from potatoes were cooked from turnip her now is not so difficult buy like 34 years ago she comes across
  • 03:08: and in the markets and sometimes even in supermarkets just do not confuse the tracks and the river is completely different products besides the turnip we will need more carrot carrot I have this time caught just disgusting well will cook from what is we will cut the river into cubes but in principle carrot probably also do not cut too large by seven millimeters eight will be enough
  • 03:38: carrot dice noticeably smaller four to five millimeters you can mix the Greeks with carrots because
  • 04:16: that we will lay 1 time also for this amount of pickle which finished need one and a half two onions regular and either 1 2 pieces of leeks or a good bunch of ordinary green Luke onion simply shred small dice
  • 04:46: clay cube melenko without fanaticism onions lay aside and We take for green just green finely chopped than I especially like pickle so it will eat that in principle and you need to cook only those products that were comma in those time that is, those that we will not start from americas who historically have been with us
  • 05:17: in Russia but either since very long in Russia I appear for example the same rice great brought from china another question for ordinary people rice there was no access not simple dishes green log snapped good lies with us bulb them too we will lay let 's do it together now cucumbers are the very ones with a huge cucumber
  • 05:48: which I prepared some time ago release you find here what let's do preparation cucumbers gently peeled too much expense you don't need well and lived on the chest sat, we also do not need take a small pot pour there about a glass of water and set back cut cucumber heap and if used in brine half
  • 06:18: pepper is sent to our boiling water in the meantime we will deal with ours peeled cucumbers we will cut them into cubes large carrots but a little less nuts something like this five or seven years later be given 10-15 minutes turn off the fire
  • 06:50: our society and we catch from there cucumber skin pepper and all the excess leave it to us no more need can be carried away but we are our diced cucumbers send the resulting after boiling peel pickle well and finally naturally before laying we will need rinse it thoroughly enough with cold
  • 07:20: flush with water but until water it will not run clean and transparent now is the time to return big pot on our tile chicken i'm special I'll get it in principle and put it there just because i need she's a chicken soup i'm not using I will become as I said, we return our pot on the tile slightly increase the fire out of it chicken leave only on the tractor and
  • 07:50: add there our spent rice cook well, that is, 5-7 minutes in just a couple of minutes of delivery laid rice we put there our river and in the carrot show boiled rice I suggest chop A good bunch of parsley is not likely it's even chop the parsley chop finely
  • 08:23: Well, not quite to the state of porridge to it was still clear that parsley and not some kind of green incomprehensible biomass postpone parsley and undertake the last spicy herbs we need about one and a half there may be 2 tablespoons ruble but Tarkhun he same with trade and roughly as much camera he is thyme he then
  • 08:55: I am very tasty and aromatic grass in The principle of tarragon is possible only from the most loose tips of its stems free and the rest we take and chop up also finely parsley cards and thyme and targum can be replaced with dry analogous but the only thing is that
  • 09:26: they will need to be reduced a little steam I need only leaves of paper neatly him free from stalks now we need season our juice with a mixture of green onions either leek and the usual century that we also send there Four leaves of Lavrushka and 12-15
  • 09:59: black peppercorns after that mix and cook until rice is cooked all the ingredients are cut to do special nothing so i take trouble 3 or maybe even 4 teaspoons with a slide butter take dry garlic about a teaspoon a little bit it's all salt and mix it up mix we will fill our court
  • 10:32: naturally it is better to use fresh crushed garlic but I don't have it ended while i was messing with garlic oil for filling the soup rice completely get ready to take our cucumbers in brine from the peel and send them there after continue to cook this literally 5 more minutes after 5-7 minutes add juice parsley tarragon and thyme after adding greens
  • 11:02: we keep many at the bottom of the last 3 minutes because of you are asked because of the original pohlebkina recipe in this soup dark shadows are usually green namely leek why did i use plain green onions everything is very simple simply because I used to take this soup only our domestic products here fundamentally went to the market later drove into the store and bought groceries only
  • 11:34: our domestic manufacturers you know the most difficult was to find domestic river Israeli please turkish too our domestic accidentally came across the market Well, finally turn off our comp fill it with butter and salt and garlic after which we taste and if it is necessary to add some more and here our pickle is ready yes yes the same
  • 12:07: hot yes with giblets remains only impose it and you can invite guests Well, you subscribe put huskies go to my VKontakte group there You will find a detailed text recipe see you next wednesday and not forget everything will be delicious until the vegetables from like a crown yes with sour cream Vysotsky would appreciate