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  • 00:00: something guys i definitely not like this lighting somehow everything sucks 100 you can see okay everyone hi me name is a novel and you are on the canal of a torn city very often you write your comments that you do not get welds a it is all the metal alloyed into one edge details and do not ask why happening and me so let's understand basically guys this the problem of all novice welders and not only in the lower position especially this touches the corner joints when that the little slag will still intervene and
  • 00:30: it is difficult to solder the sample edges and it turns out such a result it was after I beat off the slag from I turned out to be more precise, not to say It turned out such a weld and now let's understand why so what guys may be the reason and here are the guys click pause and write comments how do you think what could be the reason they wrote continue yes here fortuneteller do not go
  • 01:03: it's a little current to plus everything else lack of experience and here this fusion synthesis gives this miracle because you see guys if you have at least little experience but but the result is correct, then I think that you would have coped with this task let you seam not so much perfect but he would at least brewed and vice versa if your current is not enough young can be there laziness type twist or something else either mains voltage is but enough
  • 01:33: of experience it is also a strong possibility that brew it it also turns out that welder basically can with this can handle even a little tokyo and now let's guys essentially you as a novice welder of course when welding thin metal is very scary 2 walking current since there is a big the probability that you will live but train experiment correctly tune up what you had both
  • 02:06: melting correct yes as well as the molecule that was high if high roller then it means that you have little current and even more so if it narrow and ultimately that you haven't it turned out such nonsense as it should on example and if you are this seam lower position examples will be welded to 60 amps example yes corner seam already it will be necessary to weld an example on 70 mm first add current for angular joints and for ceilings
  • 02:38: if waving like that who is also possible add current and if guys we will have little current there and badly heat up our metal if my bad we warm it respectively , the slag quickly cools climbs where not getting and it turns out we here is a seam so we add current at necessary if you look thin there it can be a little bit at the beginning warm up of course on tone comments this not so affected if you weld thicker metal who you can hold the electrode in place move it to warm the metal and
  • 03:09: then start to keep it going further and such as a welding fillet welds I will already shown so if you have not yet saw this video go to the reference below the description and see and now guys let's talk how are these seams fix but the official way here only one we clean the grinder all up initial state and try speak again well and after i polished not
  • 03:43: successful suture turn on the device expose more current well i don't like on little currents work let's 85 i put 85 and brew our item but these only left to beat off the slag and
  • 04:32: see what we did on one hand of course it is not convenient to do as [music] seen from the very beginning until the metal is warm therefore lay on one stenochku one Partly and basically everything is already going good provar Vanguyu Hayter comments on they say, and you yourself would have brewed at 60 amperes but you can only scratch your tongue
  • 05:04: let's check and let da first about the brew in the lower position shevchik and then here when I want leaf on this side of the side and already about cooking angle look what comes of it and to I will cook with electrodes ano-21 3 millimeter in reverse polarity mass on minus holder on plus yes and not I forget to return current performance to reverse position namely 60 amps here So
  • 05:38: [music] [music] well guys the time has come X is beating
  • 07:02: slag that's what I got apparently at the beginning, too, while we are the cold is not warmed up to our bath it turned out poor quality but further already more or less shevchik we went smooth Of course, only for this but in principle
  • 07:34: managed to brew something to teach of course guys immediately tune the current more because firstly you have welding yourself arc will blow slag from under the bath so that he did not climb on welding bath and respectively shovchiki then you will get better and more beautiful and better and do not be afraid experiment put more current if you don’t it turns out to weld on electrodes 3 millimeter then go for a smaller one diameter 2 and a half can be twos train on them put your hand in Generally look for options and you must
  • 08:06: in the end everything will turn out and on this I'll say goodbye thanks for watching this video until the end subscribe to my channel to my page in contact in General, thank you all to see you soon Yes, I do not like this lighting In short, I went to the store [music]