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  • 00:00: Well my friends now I'm a little bit to you I will tell about gilding I decided , after all, the background gold so now it will be several stages work originally I want to pour this part under gilding more dark ordinary black I will apply a thin layer let it be here such divorces
  • 00:30: big brush flute then she it will dry up and I will apply varnish of mordan then it is necessary will wait 12 hours and after that can be applied gold analyzed and has already dried up on me layer specifically the blanket was uneven in the cracks between gold was you can see some kind of like a flicker or something that there was no background deafly also colored the substrate made darker in tom gold for that so that there are no whites seams and thus gold will be more beautiful flicker and some kind of lighting
  • 01:00: there will be cracks to be lighter than gold and for some reason on the contrary, it will lighter now I'll start to apply Mardan to us are given there are different companies such I am now I want to open a new try it like it's in work bought in moscow and I will put it on and will give a minimum of 12 hours in fact at practice is obtained that slightly longer than 12 me usually in 12 hours a little bit all such a liquid is obtained to the texture in general idea of mordan is applied in 12 hours you can wear gilding and
  • 01:30: You can work with him another 12 hours plus there is a need after drawing pass 12 hours from the next 12 hours is considered workers for importance potala or mosaic gold so I I'll put it on for the night this varnish and tomorrow afternoon somewhere around 15 17 will apply already gold mardan is no longer must be smeared then have smeared liquid chunks he should be be so little sticky what I will begin to apply 12 hours have already passed and
  • 02:00: my varnish is ready for that so I'm at it inflicted potter that is the potal of potals these are artificial sheets for gilding that is, artificial Gold leaf it looks like as well as the present social gold on work therefore I personally do not see the point overpay a model there are any colors metallica variations this can be gold bronze silver sometimes even with such divorces as if oxidized metal in what kind of she is on sale
  • 02:30: is sold or these books I have also gold plates there are already silver ones ended with me they are entire sheets and such sheets runs smoothly and gilding seamless gilding that is where there are no cracks and should be ideally applied absolutely even always absolutely some squares and in order so that it is smooth and gilding after how you already gilded but inflicted potal then you need to you love the truth with a rag smooth or as ready stone
  • 03:00: more often is used especially in icons on gilding fans returning to the species in which video You can also buy it can be here so torn here this kind of potali less because it can be done from scraps are like this superfluous therefore if you want to do torn background but personally I now want do just torn background then take a look purchase is tattered Potali here this me packing poor unhappy He traveled in the moscow from moscow and here at the crossings
  • 03:30: so she still more crushed of course such small pieces will last longer gild a little bit but inside they are at the very business here this one here he can be seen rolled up he if you smooth quite large size and way of life, although in fact will be on time here it's even faster because they are not must be super neat work with the pieces and with whole pieces when the task it is worth putting perfectly even there already very carefully need if you want smooth surface create a cause potal is necessary at special
  • 04:00: brush it from the squirrel very thin super soft, here I am I do not even feel that that here it seems to her like magnetized foliage and is applied after smoothed out this is the brush I keep just packaged from tickets and and also thousands of years in lunch just is not it is conveniently stored I do not break already I remember that she was there I apologize for your a nasal voice I'm here got a little sick so I'm so a nasal voice Here it is for the terrible such here 2 cartons combined with scotch tape this is how I am
  • 04:30: keep sheets of gold sheets gold can not be to damage in any way wrinkle disappear any for which reason I they just shove it between two cards and I wrap everything around me with an adhesive tape this case and such you can transport to anything if nothing is wrong with her will be and keep it actually in the same way what gold I prefer personal as I said here rather a preference by style of work on the flyweight niche results rather than between why do not I personally I love when absolutely
  • 05:00: smooth fans to me it seems so dead in icons certainly not acceptable torn gilding there must be even smooth absolute background it's stylistic duty tell why so it should be but in some picturesque with oil with when more alive work and want make it more alive especially in portraits some more I always I use torn gold to me like it torn effect of it i I put in general fingers easy hands piece for I put a piece here
  • 05:31: this brush I generally practically not use about for this type of gilding when i need big chunks I want quickly fill i ditch here such a sheet of it is also on found about planted in place which I need after that, brush soft on top of it invited the following sheet on need to be neat varnish bardan which we previously applied to which we will do not apply gold was too sticky the fact that he can to remain on the cyst when you Smooth the sheet and next sheet when you will apply and can smooth out
  • 06:01: be a little bit damaged therefore see to Mardan was already dried up and ate sticky like this looks beautiful gold potal social gold looks exactly like this the same way where I buy everything material in particular potal is not advertising it's really me always there to bathe exactly great choice inconveniently earlier this store on watch was called tricolor now it belongs to all these red pencil here they though everything is I'm usually on clean ponds collected and it seems to me that others should be you can simply
  • 06:31: internet to find out availability is or not there is a lot variants of different flowers gold torn torn silver golden bronze oxidized and also these are the colors I bought it there as you know my favorites metallic most running at me here this color on it even erased as worn out as it is called but as you see, he is the most such a greenish cold bronze and this way too very beautiful looks with graphics he is so brave why to apply they had to sweat use it this is the softer killed a brush
  • 07:02: because when touching any other tassel your pantal it is very thin now the child ran light breeze and potal look immediately curled up leaf here squirrel I can neatly her pick up and smooth out other materials is impossible to do for the second time happens otherwise would this sheet be his neatness 2 but in the result is smoothed out chala I will move a little and he stayed with us
  • 07:32: absolutely undamaged so do not panic if this happens Well, what is lyric retreat was then the logical a little bit to you told of course it 's all but so In short, I am now I will already apply now in the process
  • 08:28: I end up like me do i noticed that gold lumps I between which narva on pieces and gold sheet which smooth sheets she has a different color to me it's like that I decided the main mass all the same I want more such warm shade do so I take a sheet and large them I impose slightly tearing the there is, as it were, a smooth I impose a little tear and leave between them cracks and some big such gaps pairs of nuts basic i
  • 08:59: I will score here these small slices of baths so now I have such work on tearing sheets com imposition until it does not understand anything polished sweat still brush I will look like these are all pieces and between sutures I will already make here such gold she still other invoice is due to the fact that it is more crumpled it is more matte is obtained and I do not know you can see the difference of light is not here it shows good here this one is warming up colder now I will put all the gold I'll show you what it looks like
  • 09:29: it's been applied to me quite slightly smoothes brush while to see where it takes this gold is more smoothed video then a little more a cloth with a brush polar Yes well, what have I done?
  • 10:23: gold now Synthetic brush everything went through the main a lot of dare gold scraps from it is necessary about and conscience has not yet the vacuum cleaner took brush is harder this columns already to her I'm leveling on the side so that I gleamed and looked where there are seams here of such a type unevennesses yes that is where is the layering Gold does not need it remove that was all gold is aligned here here it is seen unnecessary smudges
  • 10:55: which are not a tide for it is necessary whisk it off gold is more polished even and all this did not look exactly I still like it pick up I pick even very villi ispodnizu but these folds cherry core i of course already removed here too, here it is. it is necessary to look here it's polished already there was no now god you have to see a lot such oshmets should be smooth surface here it is everything flies down over to
  • 11:26: that sleeps while the child I did not wake up that could all be vacuumed but the main job is me already done in the principle of smacking it is possible and then but apply necessary for 1 and then the lacquer will dry out already nothing is you can do about it by the way if anyone children or not smells were in apartment only I warn the Mardan it smells very strong in the morning he no longer I smell like this for the night I specially for the night put it in the baby did not breathe it and opened the window for the night I will continue now polish well and of course it's still not red completed
  • 11:57: all or both figures you have to write especially on this stage doctor for to be visible the general picture is that add what to decrease plus more seams of course not perfectly even they are obtained will be in any case append refine and do more accurate so I'm somewhere here in the middle stage of evil what is there to be all the work can be seen as a whole another moment that I want to see gold you saw me did not impose piece by some large spots on all work so as not to there was a general the picture flickers
  • 12:27: beautifully none paint can not create the same effect as a gilding from the bottom if on she will polish even brighter and lacquer if To cover too it seems it became better not in vain was all the same gold to do here and ready gilding background polished already you can of course polish more strongly but I do not want I do not want to be such almost specular surface it will be it's too vulgar let at least a little bit such roughness remains to be seen already to what she is so shines you can even see hand trembling how much do we
  • 12:58: polished next stage will be prescribe tattoos in gold until I decided writing in gold paint but it is already thickened and I fairly therefore can be all the same I will do the very gold itself is me from gold leaf it by sea and create its own paint and can be this is also for you fall asleep on art channel until I'm sure it's me Finish my video I got it such an average intermediate work fully on
  • 13:28: the theme of gilding what in but you me asked in the next part already of course the final read more detailed fans and naturally red will be written but on this I am with you I bid farewell to all excellent mood if you like this video then put it thumbs up subscribe to my channel in order not to skip new video I wish all excellent mood until new meetings till