Valentina Kashubina

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  • 00:00: again all welcome his particularly their channel followers today I want to talk with you on how you can organize their clothing namely, underwear and socks tights how they can be folded so that your cabinet river sea reigned order But in such boxes in I kept lower underwear and socks
  • 00:30: First I'll show you how I pile up children panties, boxers first I I stack them along in half again along in half and then Swiveling across It has done this
  • 01:00: small subframe branch to'll have a sock visually into three Swiveling of the sock heel Cave further gum one of us a gut-wrenching it is not a good way
  • 01:34: lose second toe further put all in the box trying to panties lie rezinochka one side of this beautiful and area and convenient child easily can pull needed paint Now I'll show you how I am such
  • 02:04: called rice parachutes such called husband not skinny not big enough let's see how I do it I I invest and along half trimmed and again along half lower part panties I Zagibaev to kid obtained
  • 02:37: compact converse men's briefs trunks the lower part of the pants I Swiveling kretinki one of bokovushek
  • 03:07: I wrap twice to the middle and 2 bokovushka and cowards the envelope of them men Navki visually divide on talk into three parts
  • 03:37: put a sock heel again and again further up turning one of the rubber bands on the underside of women thong panties I turn the ropes
  • 04:14: rear part marginalia I wrap right 2 seredinku not the remaining tail I spread in rubber women's sports socks with low gum again divide noses visually
  • 04:46: but in two parts I pile up again one of the gums turn out inside out, and the last go take the tights quite simply as if curl tights flat roll you are laying again
  • 05:17: gum but what I want you I hope to show my the video was interesting good for you and see you next video yet