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HOW to be IN TIME MORE. 5 LAYFHAKOV which SAVE TIME. AS ALL to be IN TIME  See details »

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  • 00:00: [music] today I will share with you your lifhakami who allow me manage if not all then much more so how much saves my time the first lifhak if you decided to look on a roller on youtube but limited time in lunch break or you just think that a blogger could speak and quickly then I suggest you increase a speed reproducing video in one and a half or two times like this make a click on
  • 00:31: gear in the bottom parts of the screen and choose speed reproducing also suggest combine view video with something useful is admissible with training or ironing second lifhak so that do not waste time in traffic jams or queues offer download free of charge reading application books and use the appeared time with benefit so you will spend time more productive there will not be so tedious for these purposes I personally chose the program where I not only I can choose books
  • 01:02: to your liking also have It is not possible to read say books free of charge or shareware can also add previously downloaded books in the format fb2 in its mobile library on how to do it and how to read look for free in one of the following rollers the third lifhak I I save time which many spend in stores in search the right products clothes and other things in the store all that can be ordered through Internet I order through the Internet for example for an order products I use
  • 01:33: service delivered home working together with a hypermarket family In Perm I prefer clothes book on wildberries where there is a possibility try on clothes before buying and buy it for half the price about how I do it in one of the previous video link in description fourth lifhak more often use the oven or a multi- cooking very conveniently cut threw and you are engaged
  • 02:03: their own affairs so far she is preparing herself [music] the fifth lifhak if you use public transport then by all means install Yandex application transport to be I know the approaching tram bus or other transport on which you move around city ​​in the application convenient to find the right one route and track which is currently expected by you for example a trolleybus or find out when need to leave home not to wait long in the cold or in the heat necessary flight
  • 02:34: continuous savings time of nerves and of course health if you like these lifhaki put like and share this videos with friends and subscribe to channel if not yet signed to always be aware of new video clips all links to videos and helpful information waiting for you in description under this video before new meetings