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  • 00:00: I adore white shirt but masculine style You will now tell you about our life hacks I bend the sleeve so I chose to wear it combinations and I want to show how the skirt pencil and white shirt will look not at all boring i'm doing like this I fill up the Sudan this sound and here I am doing here and so look take 2 tip do not fasten to the end I distribute the bottom of the wot and do it poddevy here here see how look 2 likes how to be shirts
  • 00:34: masculine style more in the soup layer we fill it inside and we lower from a shoulder and what could be more sexual open shoulder to nothing all hello we Marina Irina Golam One of founder of the brand began to argue and it our next episode on the twin channel
  • 01:04: stories today the topic is very interesting we decided to show the example of male shirts with those our life hacks catch them stay with us and see we now I will tell about them [music] mother and tell me about the white shirt I adore white shirt but all shirts masculine style when we decided that we we will make our brand but the stories I rrr
  • 01:36: let's make a shirt like that we like before I pulled a special buy went shop men bought men shirts for myself i don't like wildly narrow blouses are these tight shirts and they can't breathe in me hard but white shirt she is refreshing and she should to be in any wardrobe and we finally came up with a shirt for this stories overseas show it see freedom just please girls in all or a
  • 02:07: do not say that she has risen the stade does you volumetric she does not do anyone volume on the contrary, it does not hide all the flaws for example stomach if you ate stomach if you drank a shirt like can hide flaws and so emphasize the merits and you now tell you about our lifefack before already recorded the first life ah-q about men's shirt look remember our basic classic
  • 02:40: shirt free cut by the way one of my beloved need to refresh I bend sleeve that's the euro chose to wear it combinations and I want to show how the skirt pencil and white shirt will look not boring here like this, I would wore it with a free cut boyfriends volumetric covers all extra kilos save then when did you eat you can hide by the day and with the skirt I show you my way
  • 03:12: i'm doing like this refuel sudan sound and here i do it like this look take in the tip do not fasten to the end I distribute the bottom like this and wrap it up poddevat doing down here, you see how Looks look tips not to crawled here they see these tips by Two arts in these now support this and put it in here about
  • 03:43: and only along the waist so that it is not here hillocks and excess and so let you down style ward how to be shirts can you style more light come on let's go we stretch the extra 9000 thousand refuel it inside
  • 04:15: pull down from the shoulder and what could be more sexual open shoulders yes nothing girls mistakenly believe that they can put on a tight dress or seem less sexy and we believe that even bare shoulder men's shirt will you look like sexy is our life like abs he will be very strange but i will ask that he is important to you
  • 04:50: and Renova suit and you can now go to the section of new products and see it but in stores it already is it can be broken into different sets wearing a skirt with splitter has created ask your okay unreal only for you. well, so what is sexuality in our
  • 05:22: series enough zip up and we go to the third lifefak look you you can fill the gate inwards like this end and turn it in the eye But with this goal your yesterday's shirt will not be recognized
  • 05:53: go on a business trip take one shirt and really don't forget every wash because white shirt on make and every time you can make her something new and if you suddenly decide on a business trip what is free time on the beach you can turn your office shirt beach look twist the tips inside so here you are collecting tie here
  • 06:24: so who has a press check now brace yourself and do not be shy do you have it turned out cute top you can go in the evening var either on the beach can be a place jeans this there will be some kind of skirt or short shorts look pay attention here we are under rolled up see her freer to take under roll
  • 06:55: and make a knot seems to me still here be some kind of skirt easy foul and you can dance lambada if you do not like nodes you can them like that roll up [music] and definitely be more sexy turned out as a firebox by the way everything will be ready of course yes someone flat stomach and you knots and you dissolve like this and not will you see your cake
  • 07:26: [laugh] oh my god i think that comment i think poor unhappy woman eat meat not I eat sugar I do not drink tea, coffee and I honestly such women are sincerely sorry that they are not know how to enjoy life still it looks younger but you before write to look younger lips though
  • 07:57: would the photos on the avatar put then we at least could understand younger you look or not and generally share Valeria your photo can be send us In a personal, I think it's very cool look in 36 not 36 has 3 children don't eat sugar coffee and everything else and do not buy cream you are super lucky really very Share a cool photo because it seems to me that there must be some kind new rubric example such as
  • 08:27: looks at 36 not at 36 or fotochku yes and still belle on children to us to visit - I am not in this shop do not come to visit us It can be like this idol and fayka from our Cyril producer and show me how come show together see how to do it life like a so called she is known to all
  • 08:57: Life hacking questions are repeated a little for those who may not be aware what can make an asymmetric shirt now designers all over the world have decided that need to do something interesting and asymmetric things are now in trend please do not need to spend money and time searching for such a shirt is just take your shirt and tuck one part here
  • 09:27: you me networks an interesting way of doing it so if you're shy you and the cops and not don't want to shows but want to emphasize the waist about started [music] this is female tricks cover your ass underline whether you are so [music]
  • 09:58: put one more loophole back on your shirt change your dress up I'll go paper factory is very strange to myself read the praises of nokii girls you look very young 2627 and more I do not see a favorite thing and solid team is the elixir of youth for creative people it is important to know imagine Ilya well thank you very much we filled with elixir
  • 10:31: because I want to say thank you to me girls still write nothing here supports me and girls thanks i read everything but business is not age understand it is not that i'm so kind on my age i just reacting to other people's reactions how can I write comments complete stranger give him such an assessment I just need it seems that people write and then don't reread what they write otherwise they would be very ashamed of my words but not easy also in a bad mood like you today
  • 11:01: i'm in a bad mood i am by no means to other people are very angry offensive words I think that this is wrong and the door moat same boomerang and in the stern there is no I believe bringing up just people i think their parents would be ashamed to see them comment I am 62 years old and how I love your style Well done girls lyudmila thank you great we did not even think that we have such the audience is very nice about you bunny diana wrote that we are bunnies thank you so much we
  • 11:34: and monkeys and little flour and bunnies girls like sweethearts like complement each other time such shy little is emotional well Marina such a coil seems to me his smile all cheer up love immeasurable and heart thank you and I do not but thanks anyway we changed clothes shirt backwards see here it turned out cutout here
  • 12:04: back turned not back and backrest will say what the gate is like a nun so then we will raise it here very cool some beautiful suspension y we are not, but that would be someone let's take and back too normal ok i love experimenting on Sister by the way is amazing that always after all agree think of options every time u need it all last time
  • 12:35: and it always takes place because you know what if not here you are agree you are watching now we changed our clothes here's the back end you can adjust do you want to bring yourself deeper here and so with cut and it turns out like universities expel back it's yours too we have people all sexy but all that associated with men's shirt this really sexy and front It turns out the conclusion is so modest if you
  • 13:06: want to hit someone especially come back this is my favorite way because the shirt is no longer looks like a shirt looks like high schools or maybe we sit in the field and talk We communicate and understand that everyone man at the end of the year just so many things accumulates and I always have a question where all these things were at the beginning so we want apologize and tell everyone
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  • 14:37: Italy habitual I spoke 30-35 woman berry again and melted what you could not on camera It says it is generally not such life hacking from like marina but i have another so you don't put girls on any dress never mind who is like this dress before you looked the most the main thing is your inner state it is your harmony inside and then there will be all ok you will be the most beautiful thing
  • 15:08: happy even if you're at a party suddenly came with a friend in the same dresses [music] but