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  • 00:00: [music] Hello my name is Lina Khristoforova its on my youtube channel today blog about shopping stores in Moscow Naturally with fitting I already talked about That that both from Moscow I write down completely without an operator so i I apologize in advance for shaking the screen seems to me that it adds some highlight in these both my blogs by about the topic thank you so much for what you
  • 00:30: recommended many of you recommended interesting shops in Moscow and also thanks to Alexander Horn which between the same recommended very many shops and today I singled out day specifically to explore those that seemed to me interesting of course i will show a lot bows from these stores and they will different price segment [music] [music]
  • 01:14: [music] so I go to this stories store here some things are interesting let's say I came here for it's here very fitted wool jacket cool singer for fall dress under him a turtleneck
  • 01:45: I plan and the mass is likely to be with women by the way here are jeans too there is then I like this white coat Here is such a classic oversayz silhouette i like she is creamy colors and texture I guess it will be cool to me look with some white suit to tone to tone to create such very strong trend bow that's a suit let's just do this jacket elongated which will be very loose
  • 02:16: sit on a figure and now with such here trousers as if from male wardrobe but with that coat which is already showed maybe I'll wear down one from divers either gray or beige then I really liked this one training he is not ordinary he is with the drawstring and very tight I really like when such things stand on look enough volumetric and it elongated like that here is the sleeves cut that is still
  • 02:47: the key line will be already climbing on watch what else here liked well I today in the dress of this brand here I am dress territory but I really like I'm still white in the mountains black peas on such here it seems to me she is very old but black white pea here it is also here as I have very cool to laugh and still i'm very like this one your jacket this one
  • 03:17: the jacket is dark blue in color with a belt too overseas I really like these card pockets with valves I plan This jacket to combine with white Wide jeans here with such here and wear shoes with either shoes boots without heels to create such I like every look of comfort basic things with character i mean i always talk about what they should be simple but let's say this trench me attracted primarily national team
  • 03:48: zipper surround cut sleeves or drawstring [music] [music] but such a special multi-layer chic this image give monochrome
  • 04:18: wardrobe items as in this case white suit and white coat colors as basic parts can add beige turtleneck and opera [music] this smart casual The image is suitable for any age and any style absolutely because he comfortable elegant here collected basic things are jeans cool sitting and a fitted jacket with an accent and even [music]
  • 04:51: in this image I would love to spent the day off either would go to meet the informal characters on a weekday the main roles so called dezir gus wide fat katana and jeans to outline the ankle and fitted jacket with card pockets so as military style is now very is popular [music] [music]
  • 05:37: I froze or liza and I'm very here I liked very much very good conceptual selection and i am now show freedom same heels who know hard will look so if I show all comment on my first bow consists of such a very gain Kosukhina really Dubova plus this very w2 stand my cool leather jackets cool
  • 06:07: quality basic johns is very simple sedan Got shown 5 ankle boots for when they are tall i mean it is own and not scary high it is the guy who serves further almost any base image assigned wardrobe it will be such cool people and critical telecom
  • 06:37: [music] I can not not show you my favorite Coat of mink trend remember talks about port patients in the center of the thighs in prince goose foot very cool and I decided to add more and leopard print
  • 07:10: shoes are also striped because before black and white respectively canon such things are very cool fit bright though Of course, take a bit smaller size she was a little bit less to us and I probably would have him a little under my growth shortened that is and you will not shorten things if you are not teenagers I don't want to eat a little shorter fight to do if I was buying
  • 07:40: aquatic most only very cool i'm proud on with an emphasis on hips love a typewriter will fit them and shake like me for example now and make them more cubic [music] bright no he killed of i put on jeans like this cooked blue color is very beautiful classic shoes black with very
  • 08:10: cool sleigh logo maniac sochi 6 very popular here Mr. Collins aha use this trend rush, further deal the sweater is really such Lenin oversize such as dresses Well, I decided to fill the front of here a little bit of jeans that you thereby create your plane right and miss teddy bear legs and not vice versa will short further and added on such a heat which
  • 08:42: It combines very light a sweater Osenkova per minute mystic cozy axes less bright lips urban autumn bow very comfortable despite being on high heels I really like these silk pants in cage
  • 09:14: and I have already told many times I am very I love when a bright color of some kind combined with cells and i'm still cardigan volumes such stressed the pole with [music] with such pockets or something with a pen to make it form a silhouette Cafu this and I really like it so weakened but changing all image that is still omitted here cardigan how I would put it on so that
  • 09:44: she really released this cardigan straight silhouette so voluminous to me like in this combination [music] any shopping must be in relaxed and happy so lunches breakfasts and dinners and in the sect implanting in any convenient program we went again Kuznetsky bridge 20 on the last
  • 10:14: the floor on which is very tasty restaurant dose is another conceptual Moscow sport the shop with to Moscow was not interested here eclectic selection of brands such as balenciaga and andy place for example [applause] combining incompatible at first look of styles and things most likely a trick of my style therefore catch the first image consisting of a jacket
  • 10:45: Hoodie leggings and classic boats and this bow about obverse is the volume In this case, I wore a denim jacket like a dress combined with feminine ankle boots in grandma's style silk scarf and complemented the image points [applause] this image mainly consists of
  • 11:17: regarding basic things they just no ordinary jeans a little obverse is a shirt long jacket with open shoulder line but bright accent evil spoons [music] and then went to the store deform which interests me first such marks as my death nigel
  • 11:47: easy down dries van noten well and life [music] one example as a cocktail dress can i turn it everyday combined with stockings boots under the dress with a leather jacket bright color I really like the contrast bright red and black and added name live accessory sunglasses
  • 12:17: [music] There are so many details in this bow that I I love let's say asymmetrical cut this shirt would seem it at the base there is not really cool detail
  • 12:47: chained leather pants flared short coats with embroidered sleeves and sandals coat with sandals special chic away [music] similar so-called brest trail is Dress nightie can be worn in any absolutely bows and with a cardigan and sweater over the top and with a jacket and from leather jacket yes with anything according Essentially, I wanted to wear here
  • 13:17: such a blender jacket supplement This image of sandals and add bright focus on detail as in this case handbag miniature [music] I think that the plan for shopping today Moscow, I surpassed visited all which I liked the range made me think of bows more than enough because it was from what let's say so naturally all the shops in
  • 13:49: which I would not want to call in I had time for this arrival but I am more than I am sure that very soon I will come to Moscow again and naturally will do more one overview of all the stores that I don’t hit this time so write to comments your favorite shopping downturn and Be sure to get miles and be sure I will do there a selection of different bows or I argue why I did not make a selection
  • 14:22: different bows there thank you so much for viewing I thank you because with everyone at once your feedback is getting bigger and it really is very valuable to me and it is important to subscribe to my channel if did you like it if you were helpful mark the bell necessarily about this i say all the time because this I already told you a very important thing repeatedly that I release my vlag irregular that is usually they come out on Wednesdays but still happens to me
  • 14:52: such a story that really want to again rather would like extra write one more block a week so sometimes it happens on saturday and But with the aim not to miss some from my blogs either all up to either saturday celebrate this bell then you There will be notifications that the block has already been published and so you watched it and of course left your like and your comments
  • 15:22: I will be very pleased until next Wednesday on Wednesday will be very interesting blog I would write about 2 months he will not only with me but also with my friend quaty quits you are a designer he It will be about a styling collection because many think that stylization is a collection it's easy to put things on the relay in cool bows and release in the show on in fact this is far from being so that's why
  • 15:52: Wednesday I recommend to watch my blog about how to style a collection designer is more than sure that you will be interesting at least we kayfanuli while being recorded him therefore till Wednesday everyone I kiss everyone hug all love on [music]
  • 16:23: and [music]